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It is such an unusual summer this year that people now complain it is not raining enough. My cats don't share this opinion and still enjoy the warm sunshine.

Arthur loves to warm his belly on the bark while he is thinking what he could do next to please his owners and the neighborhood. Even Pookie came out and sits carefully besides the cat flap.

Usually cats get slimmer during summer because they are moving more, but apparently Pookie is the exception because she gets fat ! But better fat and happy and enjoying a perfect health, then slim and sick ! Pookie is not the anorexic type of cat ! She is very lazy too and loves to do marathon naps on Mr. G's bed.

Rosie the little bitch, loves to hide in the bushes, suddenly jumps out or just stretches out a clawless paw (fortunately), touches your leg and scares you to death. It's a miracle that I am still alive.

and then she rolls around in the sun and is the loving girl

Even Kim for once joined the others and her tail was immediately inspected by Rosie but apparently she couldn't find anything suspicious

because a few moments later they both sat side by side and watched the green grass. No birds or mousies in view ! What a lazy day !

Meanwhile, Lisa (18) crowed inside, as usual without any reason. She doesn't go out anymore or just a little, because she is deaf and therefore careful. Yesterday morning a bunch of crows overflew our house and I thought it was Lisa with multiple echos !

Please don't forget to visit each other !!


MonikaRose said...

G'day Gattina. Great photos. That is the best part of the day, when the sun is out, they all warm up. My puddy cat, Puss, does so in the mornings too, of course after breakfast. It is not yet summer, but there are sunny days now, especially in the mornings :) For both, Puss and Mitz. I have video this week, so I am waiting for blogger to upload that clip, will post soon :) Have a fabulous COT :)

MonikaRose said...

Gattina, I am sorry but the video is too long and upload time is way too long, even to convert the clip takes time. Will have to film Puss in a shorter clip next time, it was only about 8 minutes of washing time. Till next time, cya.

Luna said...

Arthur looks very decorative on the bark with the other white decoration cat!
what a great cat living in your garden !
Poor old Lisa. It is hard to get older and older !!!

Milo and Alfie said...

Wot great pics of you all enjoying the garden and sunshine ~ and Lisa enjoying the peace.

We love Luna said...

Hello dear friends!
The Sun is always my perfect dream , I love to search a sunny place to take a good catnap! :)
I loved your collages and pictures, always beautiful!
Please forgive my absence, mommy, dad and sister were travelling again and I was not allowed to start up the computer!But I'm so happy to be here now!
purrs and love always

Cindy said...

Poor little Lisa can't hear, that's sad. I love your photos this week and the one where they are watching the grass is perfect.

Irishcoda said...

I'm so enjoying your pictures! It's so very nice that your kitties can go out into a beautiful garden and enjoy it. Ours are all indoor cats--sadly, we've become wary over the years about letting the kitties go outdoors. :( We are more worried about 2 legged predators than the 4 legged ones. As always, you have lovely pictures of everyone! :)


It has been dry here too but the
cats are enjoying the sunshine!
Even 14 year old Shadow is venturing
out into the sun room and soaking up
the warmth. We have to enjoy it before it ends, today is the first day of Fall! :)

Boo-Bah said...

All your pictures today are so great. I just am in love with the last picture of Lisa. So cute!
My cats are big too. Pookie is so pretty. All your cats look so cared for and loved.


Anonymous said...

We love the pictures of everyone but Lisa outside. Lucy doesn't go out on the deck too often anymore either!

We just returned from our vacation and it is the first time we were able to visit!

Maribeth said...

Love your babies!~

TorAa said...

I would like to comment, but for reasons I don't want to reveal public,
well the kittens are back with us in the summerhome.

I need to leave the internet right now...

Princess said...

four happy kitties.
I am also very demanding. Lisa looks wonderful for an senior kitty :-)
It looks like the weather is great for outside adventures!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Oops! I'm a trifle late in commenting...glad to see the puddy cats like the sun...so do my two. They sleep by the open sliding door, then get up and have a mad half hour chasing each other only to collapse in a heap again. What a life...