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I really have troubles again with Lisa, she is a real nag and that is not even an appropriate expression.

She gets old like some vicious old ladies whose only pleasure is to get on the nerves of people around them. For those who don't know, Lisa is 17. In the 45 year I had cats, she is the first one with such a behaviour while getting old !

It went quite smooth when we gave her the tranquilizing pill the vet had prescribed, then she didn't pee anymore on the carpets or meow and yowl during the night. But now we had to stop with the pill, because Mr. Gattino will have a surgery at his carotide on thursday and has to go to the hospital for a week. I am unable to give Lisa the pill alone.

Has anybody an idea what I could do, because it is really terrible. I can't lock her in a room either, because of the others who need the cat flap to go in and out. I could lock her into the bathroom with a litterbox, but I don't have the heart to do that especially as she suffers of anxiety.

- I tried to cut the pill in pieces and put it in chicken dices, it worked once then she became suspicious.
- I diluted the pill and put it in minced meat, same result as above.
- I tried with a syringe, no way she escapes
- She feels when I approach to give her the pill and hides !

Do you know another remedy ? I will get mad with this interrupted sleep and the wee wees and she is so bullheaded, she never gives up !


Since a few months Lisa sleeps here on the doormat in the entrance. Rosie who is very jalous when I am occupied with Lisa to feed or cuddle her, occupies her place here to protest and won't let Lisa back ! But Lisa as old and slow as she is can still hiss and chase Rosie away !

To avoid a confrontation Rosie did a Yoga exercise and went away leaving the place to Lisa


The only one who doesn't care about my troubles with these females around him is my philosopher Arthur, as you can see here !


Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh dear, I guess the only suggestion I can make is to take her to the vet and let them do it. But that's just as big a nuisance, too. Can one of your neighbours give you a hand with her?

All the best for Mr Gattino. I hope his surgery goes well. Keep us posted.

MaoMao said...

hehe, Arthur is such a snoozy feller!

We are so sorry that sweet Lisa is bein difficult! Have you ever heard of Pill Pockets? I don't know if you can get them where you live or not, but they are a yummy treat in which you can put a pill and you seal the treat all around the pill and the kitty eats the treat with the pill in it!

All of us Ballicai are purring fur Mr. Gattino! We hope his surgery goes well and that his recovery goes smoothly!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao and all the Ballicai.

michico*Adan said...

I am sorry for Liza's condition, but I also have to say, Liza maybe old, but she is still clever, knows how to hide away from the pills.

I can't help more about the feeding pills's part, because I am not good about that, but I hope you will find great suggestions from other friends.

Luna said...

Oh, poor Lisa! Maybe you can put her to the vet and the vet can give her a shot. It is only for the week when Mr. Gattino is not at home.

You can try it with liversausage or other delicious things.
I know,it is so hard to give the cats a pill.
Manchmal denke ich, dass die Katzen dumm sind, sie müssten doch wissen, dass die Medizin ihnen gut tut.
Habt ihr einen rollenden Tierarzt in der Nähe? Vielleicht könnte euch so etwas helfen, oder du gibst sie während der Zeit in eine Katzenpension

Good luck with Lisa and good wishes for Mr Gattinos surgery too

StandTall-The Activist said...

I always trus Arthyr to be unaffected by anything around him. The boy sleeps a lot!

I am sorry to hear about this trouble with Lisa. I do force my baby to take their pills by putting it in the stringe diluted with water and force it down their throat. I dont know if you can hold Lisa down and try that

Good luck with Mr. Gattino operation and Rosie should try not to fight for attention with Lisa

I know I have not being regular with cats on tuesday. I dont have my own camera yet hence

Judith said...

I hope Mr. Gattino's surgery goes well. Sorry to hear about Lisa and hope the above suggests from others will help.

Take care, Judith

Everycat said...

Best of luck to Mr Gattino for his surgery. Purrs for a swift recovery!

Some thoughts on Lisa - she may have a pain issue going on somewhere - there's no diagnostic test for pain, so it's sometimes hard to tell as cats are devils for hiding pain - teeth and arthritis spring to mind as she's 17 (bless her, she's a darling). Sometimes older ones get a touch of dementia which can affect mood significantly, but often being very grumpy is combined with periods of being confused and calling out too.

I'd set up some Feliway diffusers in the rooms that she uses and try using the spray around the doorway where Rosie is hanging out. Doorways are notorious areas of insecurity for cats. We've had a lot of success with Feliway, when cats have pee'd due to anxiety issues. Could an intruder cat have given Lisa a hard time outside? This might be the reason she likes sitting by the door - she could be on guard and fearful - fear makes cats grumpy sometimes too.

I don't know anything about tranquillisers but ask the vet if suddenly stopping will be a problem for her. Maybe the vet has some ideas about an alternative for the week. There are things called pill pockets available to hide pills in too.

Arthur is such a cool cat letting it all go over his head. Love Rosie's yoga stretch!

Hope this week isn't too stressful.

Sending purrs

Whicky Wuudler

Jewelgirl said...

Best wishes and a speedy recovery
to Mr. Gattina! It is hard to care
for an older cat who is bull headed even the young cats are hard to pill
or hold down by yourself. I would
have the Vet do it for this week too.
Then Lisa will get what she needs and
less "stress" on you! Sending lots of anti-stress purrs to you.

Dianna said...
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Dianna said...

I don't know. I've never had trouble pilling a cat. Usually I take them and sit down on the couch with them and put my left arm around them to restrain them, then I use my left hand to tip their head up, and then use my right finger to force open their mouth -- put it down in back where their teeth stop and press -- they open right up. Then I pop in the pill I'm holding with the rest of the fingers and stick it as far back in their throat as possible. Then we shut the mouth and stroke their throat until they swallow, followed by much fussing and good girling and ear skritches. Never been a problem. If they're very wiggly or hard to hold, I'll wrap them in a towel before we sit down, but it always works. Never understood why everyone else has such a hard time with it.

Maribeth said...

Good luck and best wishes to Mr. Gattino!
Now about Lisa. I always use things like liverwurst or raw meats, or if she likes yogurt or milk crush it up and put it in that. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
Hugs to Arthur!

Julie said...

That is a tough one. I found that my Smokey took all his pills once when I wrapped a piece of cheese around it. Otherwise I have to wrap the cat in a towel and just force it down. Not fun! Hope you find a solution that works, and best wishes to Mr. Gattino.

Anne Vis said...

I don't have tactics for you, but I can do distance reconnective healings for your cats if you like:http://www.annevis.com/AnneVis/html/cathealing.htm (free service) Just let me know! Best of luck with all of them!

Irishcoda said...

Best wishes to Mr. Gattino and I wish I had some good advice about Lisa but I see other readers who have given lots of good ideas! Hope one of them works for you! :)

Kuanyin Moi said...

Pillpockets seems like a great suggestion. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not having to deal with Lisa! Wishing you luck in resolving this situation!

Katie said...

That seems like a dilemma. I'm sorry I can't be helpful but there are some other good suggestions like asking a neighbour or the vet for help, or using Pill Pockets. Good luck!

michico*Adan said...

By the way, I tag you a meme :)
Only do it if you are free .

Diamond said...

The vet told Lynettea to put the pill in the cats mouth and
suddenly raise the cat into the air, which makes the cat swallow the pill. This sometimes works.
You could try wrapping the cat in a towel, restraining the legs and arms while you put the pill in the mouth.
I is usually no good trying to disguise a cat's pill in food as they can smell it and do not eat the food. You could also ask a friend to hold the cat in a blanket while you put the pill in the mouth and then suddenly jerk the cat upwards.
I usually am an easy patient, but I like to spit out the pills. Lynettea says it is amazing how long a cat can hold his breath before spitting out the pill.

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Anonymous said...

Bounce sometimes did not like to take his medicine either. I would hide it in a soft cat treat or a Pill Pocket. Maybe that would work with Lisa.