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As Arthur and Rosie continued to "fight" for the blue tent, I bought another one and I got it in red. Rosie had to check it immediately !

What's that ?? A new tent ? and a red one ! Arthur, do you think it fits better to my fur ??

Hey !! have you seen the new tent ? Are you in there ?

Where are you dammit ?? Look at the new tent !

Where is he ?? I can't choose alone which one I want ? Blue or red ? Or both ? A r t h u r !!!!

But Arthur watched the whole story from above the heating, where he warmed up his belly. He was soooo tired from his walk through the neighborhood that he didn't care at all about the new tent !

And Rosie finally thought : "I will sleep in my new basket the one Gattina bought for Pookie, it's much bigger and nicer than mine ! That nobody dares to disturb me ! "

Thanks to all of you who tried to help me with Lisa's night yowling. It hasn't changed. Today I wanted to go to the vet but they announced storm (120 km/h) so I stayed home I didn't want to scare poor Lisa. As usual they have dramatized it's windy but nothing more. So I have to go tomorrow.


Princess said...

Here also the weather is dramatized and then nothing... twice now over the years they closed the public schools because it "might" ice.
well, rain all day. Bored kids at home, not learning in school...

I am so happy you have two tents!
Red and blue. Rosie, you know that you are the youngest and a girl, so everything belongs to you.


michico*Adan said...

I hope your weather will be changed better, I am pray for lovely Liza~~ I hope she will be doing ok~!!!!

Rosie and Arthur are so cute, I hope Adan and Lego will have this good relationship!

Andrée said...

That would've been a huge wind! I'm glad it didn't happen. I think I have to get a couple of those tents, too. It might keep them occupied or interested in something besides sleeping. I'm sorry I haven't been dropping by. I just haven't been doing too well emotionally. I hope you understand. Good luck at the vet tomorrow: my prayers will be with you.

Deana said...

Rosie reminds me of the princesses in the Disney movies...she seems to just have the luxury of stomping her foot and controling the rest of the house. Unless Arthur is too tired to indulge her...lol. That last shot just cracked me up. I love those tents. I am going to look into getting some of those for mine to play.

Anonymous said...

I have one tent and the three kittens all fight for it. Do I need another one or two tents also?

Arthur does look tired and like he would rather be left alone, but his eyes are open! I haven't seen too many photos of him with his eyes open though!

I was a bad COT visitor last week but this week is calmer so far, so I should be able to make the rounds and check up on all the kitties.

Love that last photo of Rosie! Cats do know how to get comfortable, don't they?

katztales said...

I've been thinking about Lisa. Her howling suggest she is in heat which is impossible physically but there may be something going on in her mind. Maybe you could ask the vet to check her hormone levels? Sometimes old age can affect the pituitary gland, the bit in the brain that delivers hormones.

Good luck with her!

Criz Lai said...

Oh... Liza still not well? I hope she can visit the vet soonest possible. Hmm.. I think the red tent suits Rosie better. Arthur can have the blue one :)

Dorothy said...

Surprise! I'm back. I'm beginning to feel better and better and started writing again. Oh, does that feel good.

Poor tired Arthur, and confused Rosie. My how she has grown. I hope you get help for Lisa soon. Storms are bad all over, still...spring is close though, I hope.

If my health continues to get better, I'll be around on Tuesdays.

I've really missed Cat Tuesdays, even if I've just been reading, I wasn't participating.

Luna said...

Always the same weather like here in north Germany. It is a little stormy like every week, but not dramatic.
That is cat like. We buy something new and nobody is interested...
But I like you nice told story.
Gattina, hier ist es ziemlich stürmisch und alle Katzen lungern im Haus rum. Witzig, dass wir immer das gleiche Wetter haben. Zum Glück sind meine Kopfschmerzen nicht mehr sooo schlimm und ich/Luna kann posten.

Happy Tuesday !

EJ. said...

No competition for the two tents, so no fun for Rosie.But so nice to have a blue and then a red tent.More places to play hide and seek.
Arthur looks like he came back from a marathon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rosie, it seems youth is always trying to encourage the older ones to keep up!

Hope your vet can figure out Lisa's yeowling so you can all sleep.

Celeste said...

I hope it turns out to be nothing serious with lisa. Rosie , as usual, is just adorable! I love reading her exploits.

Irishcoda said...

LOL, so like cats! I thought at first you were going to say both Rosie and Arthur still wanted the blue tent. I got a tent for our gang and luckily, no one has tried to get in at the same time...yet!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

That Arthur, he is a smart cat!

Forty Paws said...

Great new tent!! Poor Arthur wasn't at all interested, was he?

Luf, Us

felinesopher said...

Great, a new tent means another cool place to play hide & seek;)

TorAa said...

I think the both of them realized it's too aerly to go camping. on the other hand, you have informed them well in advance.
They do expect a week's camping in the Ardennes;))

Obsidian Kitten said...

I *love* the tents! lol

poor rosie, how will she ever choose?

we had one for awhile, the cats adored it.

claudie said...

We have a big wind tonight here too! When I was out i thought I had to fly!!! The red one is really nice for Rosie! I didn't know for Lisa. Hoping you can go to the vet tomorrow. I don't participe because I received a letter I will inspected the 20 th march. So I do my homeworks as best as I can! After this inspection it will the fiesta!

Kuanyin said...

Yup, cats got it made...just like my COT post said. Now TWO tents! LOL! La Dolce Vita!

Anonymous said...

Awww, we'll be thinking of Lisa's trip to the vet -- and we'll purr for her! Please keep us updated.

And how wonderful that you got another tent! Tents and cubes are so much fun. *smile* I'm sure Arthur will be very interested in the new tent after he gets in a good nap!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Jewelgirl said...

I love those tents and so
do my cats. Occasionally
I fold them up and put them
out of sight then I put them
out again, they seem to
play alot more.
I hope you find answers for
Lisa, the yowling gets old.
Great big deutsch((Hugs)).
I just saw your snow post,
that's what I am doing for
COT this week! O My!
Great cat minds think alike.

gord said...

Those are great tents! We have a tent somewhere around here but Jade is the only one that can fit in it.

Three of your cats are very close to our cats. Arthur is a match for Spooky, Lisa is like our Jade and Rosie looks younger but is close to our Dax.

All your cats are fabulous! Kim looks like our friends cat named Spider.

The Cat Realm said...

So sorry to hear that Lisa is still yowling.... We hope you get better weather soon!
Don't forget to check out our blog during the next 5 days - we are on a St.Patrick's Day adventure in Ireland!!!
Karl, Emil and Mrs. OZ