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Rosie continues to play the perfect housewife. During each night she collects her mice "dolls" and puts them neatly around the food bowls. I decided to take pictures of it, because each morning it is a little different, but Sunday morning it was the best I didn't even know that she had 6 mice ! I always bought one more because I thought she had lost them, but no, she must hide them somewhere. I have to stop my mouse purchases ! Isn't that funny ? Have you ever heard about a cat ranging her toys ?

4 on Saturday

6 (!!) on Sunday

5 on Monday

Now that the Christmas tree is gone a (old) new decoration has appeared on the table and had to be checked by Rosie.

Concerning Mr. Arthur since his last walk and the firework at New Year, he has choosen my wardrobe as residence. He spends the whole day in there and comes only out when he needs a snack or something to drink.

I certainly have to wash the bedsheet before using it. Arthur's paws are newer paws like a white cat should have.

The only gymnastic he does actually is catching water at the tap

I hope he will not overwork himself.

and when he is not housing in my wardrobe he chooses this place for a quick nap, especially when one of us wants to go there. Arthur knows where he is useful !


Anonymous said...

Dear Gattina,

Our cat Blessing passed away this evening. I have a post with pictures and a poem.

Thank you

Brian and Diane

Anonymous said...

Oh I am first! I have never been first before!

That is SO funny about Rosie and her toy mice. I have never heard of such a thing. I suppose she is bringing them to you as "presents" like she would do if she had caught real mice! That is very sweet and funny! I am sure it is some token of kitty affection.

Poor Arthur in the closet. Sorry he didn't like the fireworks. I hope he gets over it soon.

How was your Three Kings Day? Are you the Queen?

michico*Adan said...

I like seeing Rosie put so many mice near her food, that is really funny~!
There must be some meanings but we don't quite understand~!!!!!!
She must be very clever than usual cats, she is really amazing.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just love Rosie! I have never heard of a Cat lining up their toy mice the way she does...That is adprable....! And so is she....Cute, Cute, Cute!

Karen Jo said...

Rosie certainly enjoys arranging her mice by the food bowls. Maybe she thinks they are hungry? She really checked out the table decoration. I hope Arthur gets over his scare caused by the fireworks soon. Rosie must miss playing with him.

Luna said...

Oh Gattina, your cats are always so funny and special. The mice around the food bowls from Rosie and Arthur in the wardrobe and drinking water.
Yes you have wonderful and interesting cats.
Gattina, ich habe Luna mal aus versehen im Schrank eingesperrt. Sie lag drin und ich hab Nichtsahnend die Tür zugemacht und einen vollen Wäschekorb davorgestellt. Nach Stunden habe ich ihr Miauen endlich gehört. Sie tut mir immer noch leid, wenn ich daran denke, aber seitdem meidet sie Schränke...

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Rosie, it is very cute that you arranged your mice around the food bowls! You are an artist! Arthur, we didn't like the loud fireworks either, but we were back to our normal activities the next morning.

katztales said...

Oddly enough I've just written a whole article about cats and their weird habits.

Looks like Rosie is setting up to be a true eccentric!

Our fat cat Bell used to pull out all the tulips from a flower arrangement - but leave everything else in place.

Jan Parrish said...

Cleo loves running water too.

Mother of Invention said...

Hey, I did a cats post today for you since it's Tues.! I entered my name but don't really know wghat to do back at my post.

For cats, what's old is new again and what's new is old! They always are concerned when something changes!
We had a sink drinker too!

Cats rule, dogs drool!

Tink said...

My little dog collects his toys at the end of the day around his blanket, but I've never seen that with a cat. Rosie is special, but we already knew that! :-)
In my COT I share pics of my pets together.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I do not arrange my toys, but I do arrange my kills. I wonder if she thinks the toys are her kills?

On the other paw, I will get my own toys out of my toybox.

JB's Big World said...

I like your cats a lot!

Irishcoda said...

LOL, so cute about Rosie & Arthur! None of our cats ever bring their toys to us or to their bowls and I think Mom Unplugged might be right--they're like presents. I love the pictures of Arthur playing with the water and also of him sitting on the bowl. Kosmo follows us into the bathroom all the time. He likes to watch the water go down and sometimes he will meow for us to flush even when we don't have to go!

Deana said...

Oh I just see where Blessing has passed away...poor babies.

Rosie would have been a good little mama, she just seems to have all the qualities. But I agree and have mine fixed as well. But you can tell she would've loved her babies.

Arthur is always a treat to see!

TorAa said...

I think Rosie has invented her own rating system. She simply rates the food you give her. 6 mice is top score.
And Arthur still going strong in spite of the fireworks.

Rosa and Felicia does not care, as long as they are inside.

Kuanyin said...

That is hilarious about Rosie arranging her mice! And Arthur is very clever!

Mother of Invention said...

I have the image saved and know how to put your link on my post, but does blogroll mean that I absolutely do it every Tues.? I'm afraid I might not actually do it each week. Also, I don't know how to put anything in my sidebar so the cat would just be in the post.