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Here is Mr. Arthur starring for me and of course he was half asleep otherwise he doesn't like my camera.

Last week my neighbor called me and asked me if I could take Yanouk her dog for a walk, because she was sick. Of course I said yes immediately and went over to pick up Yanou.

Arthur who was in the Garage was interested in the fact that I went out and on the street. He loves when somebody is on the street, which doesn't happen very often in winter. So he walked behind me until my neighbor's door. When the door opened and Yanouk with his 60 kg (132 lbs) jumped out with joy, Arthur quickly ran behind the fence because he knows that his friend is a little too heavy for him.

I took the dog on the leash and off we went. Followed by Arthur of course. When we arrived at the round about behind our house, a woman came out and looked at this funny group. Then she laughed and said "Arthur where have you been ? I haven't seen you for ages" and to me "Was he sick ?" I said no, but with this cold weather he prefers to do a 24 h sleep marathon on the beds. Ah, she said, usually he often comes to sleep in my bed and I miss him !

Another neighbor who has the honor of Arthur's presence in her bed ! I wonder if there is one bed free in the street where Arthur hasn't napped in.

When we were back, Arthur tired wanted to settle down for a well earned sleep, but he didn't count with Rosies energy. When she found him sitting in this carton, she didn't leave him in peace.

But then it didn't last very long until they both fell asleep !

I hope that you all survived the New Year's festivities and that the hangovers are not too strong ! Happy New Year !


katztales said...

Arthur has so many fans, he could start his own club. Good to hear he's not too put off by the cold to go for a light constitutional.

Wishing you a happy, prosperous, lucky, healthy New Year!

Think that covers everything, don't you? And happy blogging. i do love hearing about Arthur, Rosie and their long suffering cat friends who are always having their naps distrubed.

Dorothy said...

Arthur is a character. Rosie is so cute...

I hope you all have a very great 2008. Happy New Year.

Hugs...from Dorothy and Gretchen

Gledwood said...

The White Cat looks very wise, esp in the top photo... i love the song too... Happy New Year to you 2008 - wahey!!

claudie http://www.lazaza83.fr said...

What a nice walk! It remembers me when I had a dog and my cat Tigret at this time was loving to walk with me!
Ha! ha! Arthur sleeps in bed of all your neighbors! You live in a nice place! And sure arthur is a star in your street!
On se remet tout doucement de ce réveillon car à deux heures du matin je suis allée récupérer Mélissa chez ses amis!
Sinon le repas était délicieux! As tu reçu ma carte?

Tink said...

Can you believe I forgot it is tuesday today..? Jeezz, all those holidays mix up my week! ;-)

Salix Tree said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I just put up a little incident on my blog involving a potato bag.
I love your cats lying on thier backs, it's so cute.

Salix Tree said...

Oh , silly me, forgot to say.... Have a Happy New Year!

The Cat Realm said...

Good going Arthur! I am hibernating too! As soon as it gets too cold for the lizards to be out I spend most my time inside sleeping!!!

Deana said...

Arthur is a popular man about town so to speak...how funny that everyone knows him! They are all such cuties.

I will resume my COT next week...I had to get all the holiday blogging behind me!

Anonymous said...

How funny! I love how Arthur makes the rounds of the neighbors' beds! And Rosie is huge now, my goodness!

I am sorry to have missed COT this week. Things have been way too hectic with holidays and returning from my trip to do very much blogging, but I promise to be back next week.

I am not sure if I thanked you for that very lovely Xmas ecard! Merry Christmas to you, and I wish you, Mr. Gattino, and the kitties all the best for 2008!

(No hangover here, I was very boringly in bed by 10PM)

Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy New Year!

Andrée said...

that is such a cute story! i wish i could've seen it. That dog is HUGE! Happy New Year, Gattina. Thank you for coming by.

Irishcoda said...

Hi, Happy New Year!!! I finally got Cats on Tuesday posted now that it's almost Wednesday, LOL! As always, enjoyed following the tails/tales of ARthur & Rosie. Best wishes for a wonderful 2008!

michico*Adan said...

Arthur always a great mancat~!
He is a wonderful alpha cat~!!!

Gattina, I wish you have an awesome new year~!
And please kiss all of your lovely kitties for me~!!!!

Paula said...

That is a beautiful close up picture of Arthur!
Rosie is very cute too!
I can't believe how much she has grown.
What a beautiful dog too!
He looks so happy to go on a walk.
Our neighbors alway think it is a site when we walk our dog and our kitties follow behind us.

Happy New Year!
I missed COT yesterday but I will make up for it next tuesday.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Beautiful, fun pictures!

Bitter Betty said...

I have just stumbled on your blog and I LOVE IT! I am a huge cat lover. I have two very handsome boys myself. Mr. Arthur is SO darling :) What beautiful babies you have!
Thanks for making my day!