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The other day I found Rosie together with a black cat in my kitchen. First I thought it was the black terrorist who is the most aggresive cat in the neighborhood, attacking all peaceful cats around. He also was the one who bit Arthur in the tail. But it was not him it was a very friendly cat.

They sniffed at each other and then of course

he first had to check what my cats eat and helped himself. The fact that I too was in the kitchen didn't bother him at all.

Rosie watched and waited. And even Lisa wasn't bothered by him.

She was very intrigued by this new friend.

and when he had finished the last piece in the bowl, they both went down to the garage and out of the cat door. Later on I saw them together playing and walking around in the garden.

Since this day he comes almost everyday to look after Rosie and then they go out for a walk.

I don't have to fear anything, first she is a little young and second Mr. Black Cat is spayed !

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Paula said...

Oh that seems just like something Alex would do if given the chance!
I loves to visit the elderly man near our house and I am sure if he had a cat door Alex would help himself right in and explore his house!

That is pretty funny that your cats weren't bother by this intruder, they must know him from the neighborhood. :)
He sure is a beautiful cat.

Anonymous said...

That are wonderfull news! So great that Rosie has found a new friend! I am very happy for her.
Thanks for the comments on my blog. I wasn't able to post for a while. Mostly I don't like my tummy scratched. I normally go on to attack (play) my human who is keen enough to try it out. He he..

michico 小芥 said...

Wowww.... Rosie has a boy friends already~!!!!
What a popular girl~!!!
Seeing her so tender just not like that naughty Rosie~!!! She does fall in love~!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, young Mr. Black Cat sounds so sweet and so friendly! He sounds similar in personality to my little brother MaoMao -- MaoMao never meets a cat who is a "stranger" to him.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Tink said...

Aawww, what a cute couple!

claudie said...

ça alors déjà un admirateur pour Rosie!!! Fais bien attention, et renseigne toi bien! Six mois tout est possible! Il ne faudra pas attendre! Sinon tu seras comme moi avec une grande famille: la maman et ses 3 bébés! Tu me diras je suis très heureuse! Ils sont si gentils! Mélissa et Ticoune t'ont attendue toute la journée! Alors qu'as tu fait??? Je suis bien curieuse!

captain lifecruiser said...

It's wonderful when cats - or other animals - is that friendly. Some of them just have to show themselves and other cats just know instantly that it's OK. Super!

That's more than we can say about humans.... *giggles*

Butt: what does Arthur say about this??????

Karen Jo said...

I think it's sweet that Rosie has a boyfriend. It's great that the other cats don't mind his visits. Is Arthur jealous that another cat is playing with his sister?

Anonymous said...

That`s so sweet they have remained this nice friendship :)Thanks for visiting my blog, it makes me happy.

katztales said...

Sex works wonders again! Rosie only gets along with Arthur, and the terrorist is charming all the girls...

Gattina I can't figure out how come you can't see images on my blog. I've doublechecked with IE and Firefox browsers and they seem to work fine. Are you using a different browser? And is my page the only problem you have when loading pics?

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

Awww..how sweet and exciting! Rosie's first boyfriend!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

How sweet :) Funny that the other cats were not bothered by him at all. They must know him quite well. My kitties would have been growling and carrying on if he had come into their house! :)