As usual Rosie has a very busy day. First wrestling with Arthur on the sofa, he is already tired.

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And then in the drawer under the sofa. Arthur had worked for a while to get that thing open. I even was quite surprised that he managed it.

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Of course they had to play in there too ...

Then Rosie played alone in the tube for a while

and went to bed basket after all these exercises


Arthur instead had to wash first to keep his fur white, before he also took a nap

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I just was informed by Claudie our Cat's on Tuesday member, that a big dog belonging to her neighbors has killed her cat Felix the Pirate ! Isn't that terrible ? Poor Claudie is very furious and sad and has informed the police.
Please go over to her blog, she certainly needs some kind words.


michico 小芥 said...

When I see action Arthur, I just feel Arthur is very graceful, moving Arthur is beautiful than seeing photo Arthur. That is funny~!

Yes, Rosie and Arthur are both very busy, I think it is very cute that Rosie play in the tube, that is really fun.

Rosie grows very fast, that is so great~!!

Gretchen said...

Arthur is quite a character. And Rosie, too.

I'm sad to hear about Felix the Pirate. That's just awful!

Luna said...

Tolle Bilder Gattina und Arthur in action ist gut. Ich warte auch mal wieder auf eine gute Gelegenheit, aber leider sind gerade meine ganzen Accus leer.
Poor Felix and poor Claudie,I read about the big bad dog and I´m sad about it.

Karen Jo said...

Things are certainly never boring at your house. I love to see Arthur and Rosie at play. It looks like Arthur's tail is almost well. I am so sorry about Felix. That's horrible.

Anonymous said...

My goodness -- how funny about Arthur, how he bathes, and the position he uses to groom -- a mirror image of me! *smile* Adorable videos. And I'm so glad Rosie and Arthur are having fun playing.

And oh no -- how horrible about Felix! I am so sorry to hear this. I will go to her blog -- what a terrible thing to happen.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Arthur seems to have got his tail back working...he's enjoying his wash, isn't he?

It seems that he and Rosie are full of mischief together...into everything!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rosie looks really grown up by now! She is a beauty!!!

Gledwood said...

cats and their beds!
i remember my Dad once spent ages (I don't remember quite why) making a bed for our cat... then got REALLY UPSET when she failed to sleep in it! she always had at least three on the go at any one time and rotated them...

couldn't get the video to run (bloody connection) will have to come back for that later

hope everything's fine with you!

Anonymous said...

Kittens have so much hard work to do! Arthur looks worn out in the second video.

I am so sorry for Claudie. How awful! I will stop by there now.

I wanted to let you know Gattina that I have created a new blog for my cats: Cats Unplugged (www.catsunplugged.blogspot.com). With eight cats now, I felt they needed a bit more attention than I could give them on Unplug Your Kids.

I will be doing Cats on Tuesday from there now. Next time you edit the blogroll, would you please update my link? Thanks, and I hope you like the new site!

claudie said...

Thanks Gattina! I'm very touching for all the comments on my blog for the poor Félix. If there is a paradize with cats i'm sure he must be very happy to hear that all around the world people think to him. Now I really hope that the neighbors realize their dogs are very dangerous, since they have to pay something to the police!

Bad Kitty said...

Hi Gattina, Samantha from Tuxedo Gang Hideout here. We are hosting the BKCFOC this week. You left a message that you wanted to be in the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos, but you didn't leave a link. If you come to the TGH and leave us a link we will add you to the Festival.
Our blog is http://tuxedoganghideout.blogspot.com
Samantha and the TGH Gang

Retta said...

Looks like Arthur is a character indeed!

poor Felix :( what an awful thing to have happen to any animal.