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While Arthur and Rosie put the kitchen upside down with running around and wrestling, Lisa found a new observation post, where she can see everything going on and is not bothered by the "kids".

Arthur exhausted by Rosie fell so deeply asleep, that when I had taken the picture he shortly after fell off the bed and landed like a stone on the floor. Of course at this moment my camera was in another room so I couldn't take a picture of his very surprised face with big eyes !

Here is Kim in a very unusal pose ! I think I have never seen her running ! I don't know who was the devil who followed her !

This is the daily still life I have in front of my eyes ! Mr. Gattino taking his afternoon nap and Rosie and Pookie share the bed with him. So I can listen to 3 snoring purring cats.

Rosie continues her exciting life, meeting her boyfriend (he still comes every day) and

also plays with brother Arthur in the garden.

When Rosie is tired she sucks not her thumb but her hind toe ! I just couldn't believe it when I saw this for the first time. She lays there and sucks and it's even quite noisy. Have you ever had a cat who sucks her thumb toe ?

Then she finally falls asleep. The basket I prepared for her is her favourite sleeping place, besides my bed when I am in !

But Pookie too, suddenly loves this basket ! She had never slept in one, it is the first time she uses a basket ! I think I have to buy the same, and put them together, so there is no jalousie about the basket anymore ! If you don't have any worries just create yourself some !

And here is something I am very proud of ! For the first time I filmed with my digital camera I didn't know how to use it on video before. Of course the result is not very good, but still it is a beginning ! Bloogle Glogger even installed an upload button for me but after 1.10 h (!!) it still wasn't uploaded ! A snail runs quicker ! So I used Photobucket and here is the result

Rosie plays in the bath tube !


Ann (MobayDP) said...

I have never seen a cat suck its toe. lol! That Rosie is just darling! :)

I would have loved to have seen Arthur's expression when he fell off the chair. LOL! :o)

michico 小芥 said...

Rosie's pose sleep in the basket is just like human~! I enjoy seeing her sleeping pose in every way. She is the most cutest kitty~!

That is very interesting to listen to 3 snoring cats, I laugh and laugh a lot about this ~!

And finally, I finally see, the motion Rosie, Although I knew her is active, but now she is coming alive jumping around is just let me feel excited~!!! I watch over and over again~!!! Rosie is so so cute~!!!! No matter I say how many times, she is always the cutest~!!!!

Great movie~!!!
Also hug Arthur and Pookie and Lisa for me~!!!
Kiss Rosie~!!!

Anonymous said...


Suzanne R said...

I couldn't get the video to work with my old computer but I can imagine how Rosie enjoys the bathtub as Silver and Socks like mine quite well. Silver especially likes to get up on the rim after I have bathed or showered and lick the water off it.

Rosie is so cute, sucking her toe. I've never seen a cat do that, either.

You will never run out of photo ops with all of your kitties. They are all so pretty and fun and interesting!

katztales said...

Pookie in the basket looks so comfy - and smug!

Can't see the video but the pics look great.

Au falls out of bed about once a year, and like Arthur he always looks shocked to the core. And of course we are not allowed to laugh at him.

Anonymous said...

The video was so cute! I am impressed. I have not tried a homemade video on my blog yet. Thanks for the tip about Photobucket. Rosie is having a wonderful time with that ball.

I enjoyed your update, especially the photo of Mr. Gattino and the kitties! I woke up last night to loud snoring which I thought came from the new dog TJ, but then I realized it was my husband. Goodness, they can be loud!

Arthur, just before rolling off the bed, looks as happy and comfortable as Mr. Gattino! And I love your new "Rosie Wallpaper!"

claudie said...

Bonjour Gattina!
Just a little coucou before going to work! Your cats are so funny! I imagine all the revolution brought by Melle Rosie!
Bisous! Cheers and have a beautiful day!

Dragonheart said...

Rosie, you look very cute playing in the tub! Do you like to play with the water from the tap? I've never heard of a cat sucking their toe before. You are very unique!

Dragonheart said...

Hi Gattina,

We bought the cat tent at IKEA. They also have some available at http://zooplus.de which is where we buy all our food and litter - cheaper than in the local stores, and shipping is free (within Germany) when you spend over 19 Euro.

FelineFrisky said...

Ah! Rosie has such the life, playmates, big brother & boyfriend!

Your video is precious! She's such a cutie!

D :)

Dorothy said...

Gretchen chews on her hind toes sometimes. I had a kitten a long time ago that left its mother too soon and sucked on our poddles little, um...appendage...

Okay, I don't know what post I just responded to. If I hadn't of had to come back to check the blogroll code I would never have know I had repsonded to the wrong post. So please just ignore whatever I just commented on before this one.

I love the painting of Rosie and the pansies...you did them?

meeyauw said...

I love the photo of Kim running. I'm surprised your vases and glass are not broken after seeing the first photo. Mine would be! My camera does that type of video too. Lots of fun, isn't it? I can see me spending too much money on a small camcorder after awhile!

Patch said...

Funny pictures and funny video. I also love it to see the cats in real action. All your sleeping photos are so nice but i like this in the kitchen. Catlike !!!
Bei uns hat mal ein Bekannter gesagt: "Bei euch liegen ja überall Tiere rum" Da würde er sich bei euch bestimmt ganz schön wundern...
Ich hatte Cot schon gestern fertig, aber da wart ihr alle noch nicht so weit.Nun komme ich jetzt erst zum schreiben.
Have a nice day!

Pui Moo said...

How I wish I have a lawn for my cat.

Gonna join Cats Tuesday soon!

Luna said...

Oh no, oh sorry, I wrote with the name Patch. I forgot to change the blogname.
Ach du schreck, jetzt habe ich erst gemerkt, dass ich den Blognamen nicht geändert habe.

Tink said...

Haha, great entry! Maia sucks her toes too, but I didn't succeed (yet!) in making a picture of it.

Paula said...

Your cats have the most comical sleeping poses! I just love how cute they all look!
I had a good time this morning cating up with what your cats are doing.
I love little Rosie's introduction to the spider!
Wikipedia is the best bug catcher in my house! I love that chattering noise the cats make when they see a bug or a bird!

Paula said...
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Deana said...

I love it when I can get my babies to take a little mid day "cat" nap with me so I just love the snapshot of your 3 "babies" all napping together! I loved the pictures and enjoyed them as I always do!!! Happy Tuesday.

FelineFrisky said...

FYI - Link to Katz Tales doesn't work. D :)

Celeste said...

I love your cats!

Andrea's Garden said...

Gattina, wie lustig! Ich hatte in der letzten Zeit nicht oft Gelegenheit, alle Blogs, die ich mag zu lesen, aber heute mußte ich mal sehen, wie es Ms. Rosie ergeht. Ich sehe, sie hat sich wunderbar eingelebt. Das Bild, wo sie ihre Pfote lutscht, ist zu drollig. Ich kenne auch keine Katze, die so etwas tut. Eine schnarchende Stella haben wir auch, auch wenn GG immer behauptet, dass sie schnurrt. :-) LG Andrea

Luna said...

I love the pic of Mr Gattino and your cats and sleeping poses.Sorry my english is no good.
Su blog es muy encantador.

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Anonymous said...

I love to watch the dissapearing bubbles from bubblebath in the bathtub but I also love to fight with my great friend the shower curtain! I just clean my toes, but I am not sucking on them.

Irishcoda said...

What cute pictures! And I just love the video of Rosie playing in the tub!

Cucarañas said...

all cats love water!
i posted a video, is that accpeted in cats on tuesday too?
Is Funny Videos from Animal Planet.


Puss-in-Boots said...

That's a great video, Gattina. Isn't it funny how cats like playing in an (empty) bath?

claudie said...

Ah! Gattina! Je suis très très triste! Hier Félix le Pirate a été lui aussi tué par un chien! Incroyable mais vrai! C'est pourquoi j'ai juste eu le temps de répondre ce soir aux commentaires de mon COT! J'ai l'impressin d'être dans un rêve! Un cauchemar! Les gens m'ont proposé de m'acheter un autre chat et m'ont dit que leur monstre était gentil!
J'espère ne plus le revoir à l'extérieur de leur jardin! La femme le prenait à la légère, en ironisant! J'espère que les flics leur ont mis les points sur les i!!!
Et quand je pense que normalement Mélissa aurait dû rentrer à pied!
Ils ont la phobie des cambrioleurs alors ils ont pris deux chiens de garde, des beaucerons! s'ils pouvaient sauter sur les gens derrière leur grillage!!! Enfin j'espère qu'on a été assez explicite et qu'ils vont réactiver l'éléctricité du grillage!