Poor Arthur is still horrified when he sees the mini cat ! He hides, but comes out for food (nothing is better then a filled stomac) and sometimes sits there far away ! I have to go to the vet with him next week because his tail is still hanging down at least the last half. I don't know if he can go on like this, because it doesn't seem to bother him, but something dead hanging there may be dangerous for him. But he walks and climbs as usual.

Poor Pookie is lost, although yesterday she came to us in the living room and sat at her usual place on top of the sofa back. She also eats well and asked for drinking at the tap. But she has moved to Mr. Gattino and doesn't come in my room anymore, because her usual places are occupied by Rosie. As soon as Rosie is a little bigger I will try to change that. For the moment I give her a lot of attention and tell her that she is still my best !

Rosie feels home, she discovered my bed and even manages to climb on it, I don't know how, because it's very high. She also follows me now by hopping like a little rapid behind me. She has discovered the kitchen and wanted to eat with Lisa, but Lisa chased her away.

She plays a lot and her favourite toy is the little white fur mouse which she carries everywhere, even once into her litterbox. She seems to be quite clever but oh dear, what a strong shrieky voice she has !


Meow said...

It's wonderful that Rosie is settling in so well. I'm sure Arthur didn't appreciate his tail being played with though !!
Sounds like things are starting to settle down. Hope it goes quickly.
Take care, MEow

Dragonheart said...

Poor Arthur. I hope his tail is okay. And poor Pookie. I'm sure she'll adjust to Rosie in time.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Our cats are very territorial, aren't they. I feel sorry for Rosie but I feel sorry for the others as well.

I'm glad you're getting Arthur's tail checked out. Still no idea of what happened to it?

Have a lovely weekend with your enlarging cat family.

Anonymous said...

I hope Arthur is feeling better soon! Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Gretchen said...

Thank you for visiting my new site. I'm so excited. Please tell Arthur that I'm very sorry he's so miserable. I hope Pookie gets used to little Rosie soon. Rosie is a very cute kitty.

Anonymous said...

I love Arthur's sleeping place in the desk! Things seem to be getting better!