Arthur keeps me company under my desk, don't ask me how I have to sit !

Two very tired cats who had slept only 18 h. Black Kim and white Arthur

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I just found an explanation in the bible why we have been created ! and we were not the first once, see !

The first day God created the cat

The second day God created humans to serve the cat

The third day God created animals to serve the cat as food

The fourth day God created work and let humans work for the cat's wellbeing

The fith day Gott created a colored ball so that the cat could play with it (or not)

The sixth day God created veterinarians to watch over the cat's health and ruin the humans.

The seventh day God wanted to rest but he had to clean the cat's litterbox

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meeyauw said...

love that post! 18 hours is just a start!

How do I know who else is on Cat Tuesdays? Is there a blogroll script I can install for participants?

meeyauw said...

Hi Gattina!
Feel free to use
to email me!

Blogger says it doesn't accept the code/script for the blog but it will. you just click the box that says to ignore errors and publish again and it's there!

if you could provide me with the script for the blog i can write up directions for doing it and show by example.

thank you!

TorAa said...

Must be very fatigue to be awake 6 hours for hunting and taking care of Humans. That's nearly a full workingday. And we talk about CCO's (Chief Cat Officers) .-))

And the Genesis is hillarious.

MS (Miau Scriptum) Mine are very soon up running.