It rains, it's cold, I am in a very bad mood, so go to .... with your selfie !

I forgot to open my eyes, sorry !

Ooops what did I do ??

That's much better although my eyes are closed !



See, I hadn't to come out of my tent to do the selfie !!

I pushed the button, now I am even more exhausted, couldn't open my eyes, too much effort !

I am happy with my selfie, I still look good in my face I am 18 !


Like me, the cats live according to the weather, yes we are slaves of the weather. For the moment it's very moody and not at all as it should be in an August months.

One day it's cold.

No mouse hunting, no neighbour visits, Arthur is stuck in the house.

So he spends his time from one window to the other and exercises his job as a stalker.

But as soon as the sun is shining he takes a sunbath. So far he is still white.

Rosie loves to lay in the bark, it's warm there.

Or she is in her tent and checks what I am doing.

And in the evening I usually have this view while I watch TV.

Nothing special happened this week, Kim lives her 87 human years peacefully she only goes out from time to time but never far and usually sleeps the whole day long.

And in the evenings they both want to sleep on Mr. G. lap, I think he has to put on weight, there is not enough room for both !



With my last strength I pushed the button ! Now I am even more exhausted

Give me this tablet, I do my duty and then go away !

Look it came out very well ! I tried to make a selfie by putting the tablet under my tail, lift the leg and pushed the button. Now it's your turn to try it !

Since the weather is so nice, Arthur is back to his routine life, which means inspecting the neighbors probably to see if they survived winter.

Nobody let him in and apparently the windows were closed so disappointed he crossed the street and returned home.

where he rested from this exciting morning walk, and tried to recover for the next round.

I had installed my office outside and used the cat tent to put my computer inside against the light. Rosie found this an excellent idea, she had new napping places and on top outside where she could watch birds and butterflies.

Each time I came on the terrace, I saw her sleeping in the tent, but as soon as she saw me she went out and jumped on the chair. Impossible to get a picture of her in the tent.

Should I go in or not she thought

and finally decided to squat my chair where she stayed until I needed it.

sometimes they sit together, the grass has almost disappeared because it is so dry and when it rains it is not enough. The cats don't bother and I don't bother either. The rain will come again that's for sure !



It's far too early for selfies !

Is that me ??

No way to unfold Kim for a selfie.  So this is her selfie for the week !

I have been on holidays in Ireland where I made a trip by coach around the whole island; It was very nice. I wrote about on my main blog Writer's Cramps

And while I was away my cats were spoilt by Mr. G. The result was when I got out of the car in the evening no cat was there, except Arthur, but this is nothing special because he always comes from nowhere to check out who is coming. When he saw me, he briefly looked at me and disappeared again. What a welcome.

Rosie wasn't even upset as she normally is when I am away, no she was as usual as if I had never been away for 10 days. She slept between and on the cables as if she wanted to be connected to I don't know what, probably for energy saving.

and as usual my legs have to support her little head when we watch TV.

Arthur became a stalker. Ever since he discovered that he could watch over us from outside, he sits there on the window sill and looks inside. He does it every day at the same hour, except when it is raining. I wonder if he has a watch hidden in the garden.

but he also likes to take a sunbath inside with us. We of course sit on the sofas and not on the the floor.

Kim has become Mr. G's follower. When in the past she ignored all humans and ran away, slept outside and came only in for food, now that she is nearly 18, she has changed. I am still not allowed to pet her, but Mr. G. can do with her what he wants ! Even brush her belly, which is a real miracle.
When the evening approaches she sits there on the sofa on his place and waits that he arrives. Then she would meow in a soft voice until he has settled down and she immediately climbs on his lap.

Since Pookie is gone, she sleeps on the carpets where Pookie had slept in her last months. I wonder if she misses her.



It's quite a while that I haven't given news of my cats. First I was on holidays, then I had a lazy phase, then my little Pookie went to the rainbow bridge, she wasn't ill, she just was old 19 years and died peacefully at home with the help of our vet. The last two days she became more and more weak and one morning I saw that she had enough. I was happy to be able to help her going away forever after a happy life.

These are some of the last pictures, in the last week of her life she had become very skinny but still ate like a horse !

For a while I couldn't write about my cat family. Now they are three. But not the youngest once either. Kim is 18, Arthur 15 and little Rosie 10 ! Time goes by so fast !

It was very hot and Arthur needed a helping hand to keep up his head for a selfie !!

Rosie wanted to be scratched while taking the selfie

Only Kim was a good girl and looked proud in the camera while pushing the  button with her paw !