I won't come out ! Maybe with something better like raw minced meat or chicken !

I made my "owl" eyes for the selfie !


Poor Arthur when he looked out of the window he was horrified ! For the first time this year we had frost and the lawn and street were white !

Only a little bit, it hadn't snowed but it was colder then the other days.

Arthur looked for warm sleeping places. What should he do in this cold outside ?

He found a nice place behind the (fake) logs and settle down for the whole afternoon.

Another place he loves very much, maybe he thinks that the color suits him so well, is the black leather sofa. Fortunately he doesn't scratch the leather, that was my big fear, but it is of no interest to him.

But !! When my friend came wearing leather boots, he got crazy he sniffed and wanted to do his pedicure on the boots, she had to take them off, and so he fought with the carpet because the leather smell had stimulated his playful mood !

Because it's cold, Rosie allows Arthur to sleep near her, was a long time it hadn't happened anymore because she always chased him away. She lays on the fur rag, and Arthur on the tiles, he doesn't like fur he is afraid of it !!

Rosie lays on the armchair the whole day

and in the evening when we watch TV she sleeps on my lap

Dear old Kim doesn't move away from her bathroom and spends her days there. I have bought her a new blue towel and she loves it.

Still 2 to 3 month to go and it will be better !


Summer said...

Poor Arthur! I can tell he doesn't like winter much.

Erin the Cat said...

Winter really isn't a time for us cats, unless it's curled up with the one we love . . . ok so if you haven't a mouse to curl up with, a human will do too (almost as well )
PS, there is a Wordpress version of this weeks post for you to comment on if you wish AND the Name and URL option is there too.

meowmeowmans said...

We are not fans of winter, either, sweet pals. We do enjoy seeing all of you, Arthur, Rosie and Kim. You are all looking well. Big hugs to you, and to Gattina, too. Stay warm!

Tamago said...

Love the photos of Arthur fighting with the carpet! The boots must have smelled really good!
Love Rosie’s selfie with “owl” eyes :-)

Catscue Cats said...

Stay warm you darling kits! Arthur, Rosie and Kim - you are so beautiful today, thanks for sharing the pictures.

Timmy Tomcat said...

We are joining Arthur in "the look out and see cold" club. Brrrr
Purrs for spring
Timmy and Family

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Nice selfies from all. I like the ones of Arthur behind the logs. Kim does look happy with her new towel.

M Dawson said...

Kim has her favourite spot, and a new towel how good is life :-)

The Dash Kitten Crew

Andrew said...

cute cat...I love the style of the photo you shot.