I am dreaming of a green spring ....

I agree that's not really a selfie, but I badly needed company !

I am proud ! I kept my eyes open !!


We have two bowls in the house filled with fresh water, but what did I see ? Rosie who drank out of the flower pot in the garden. Apparently rain water tastes better. She also quickly did her business before running in the house again ! It's cold and wet outside !

Both are sitting near the heating, Arthur is in deep thoughts, probably what could he eat next !

Rosie watches the birdies from inside !

When I went into the garage what did I see, Arthur sitting in a carton ! Apparently I had woken him up !

Kim spends her days half here in Mr. G's room on the carpet or in "her" bathroom. This week she had like an epileptic attack for a few seconds, but then was normal again. My vet told me that old cats have these attacks quite often, I should leave her alone and it will go back to normal. And she was right. Kim is again eating, sleeping and goes for a very little walk on the terrace, but she mostly sleeps.

Cats are crazy ! After a couple of years Rosie didn't play or even only touch her toy mousies. But what did I find yesterday in the water bowl ? A mouse ! It had soaked up all the water and poor Kim was sitting there and wondered why there was a mouse and no water in the bowl.

Years ago Rosie used to tidy up the living room she collected all her toy mousies and gathered them around the food bowls !! I wonder if she starts again !


Erin the Cat said...

HI, I have posted a Wordpress version of todays post for you to use :)
Aww, poor Kim, finding her water had an illegal swimmer in it! The guys really do seem to prefer outside water, I know I do, or fresh from the tap. Either way, I think we have had enough of winter and rain and should be wishing spring come early.
Toodle pips

meowmeowmans said...

Great selfies, Rosie, Arthur and Kim! We are with you, Rosie ... spring cannot come soon enough for us, either. :)

Tamago said...

Arthur sitting in the box is adorable! Glad Kim is fine after having epileptic attack. Rosie, Goro loves bathing his toys, too :-)

Summer said...

I hope Kim doesn't have those episodes too often! Even if older cats are prone to them, they must feel awful to go through.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I am glad Kim is OK. Very pretty shot of her eyes. Nice selfies.

M Dawson said...

Oh Arthur makes me LAUGH!!

Happy New Year.

The Dash Kitten Crew