Geez ! I forgot to clean my nose !!

Lots of birdies outside today, but too big for me all magpies !!


Rosie feels happy to stay inside outside tt's all dirty the snow melts

Arthur is full of hope that he could go out for a little walk when the snow is gone !

Meanwhile they rest and roll happily around !

But from time to time Rosie imagines a mousie and runs around to look for it. That's her daily exercise !


Erin the Cat said...

No snow here yet, but I am sure we'll get some soon enough and I, like Arthur, will be not to pleased, and longing to get on patrol. But like your family, I will relish legitimately sleeping off the winter gloom beside the fire or on the duvet.
Toodle pips and heres to a sunny week.

Catscue Cats said...

Sweet little ones! They look extra happy in their rolly pics!

Summer said...

Arthur, what did you get into with that dirty nose?

meowmeowmans said...

Arthur, were you playing in the dirt?

We hope it warms up soon, so that you, Rosie and Kim can venture outside for a bit. :)

Tamago said...

Arthur, did you go out in dirt after snow melted? :-)
Stay warm, efurryone! Have a happy new week xo

M Dawson said...

Ohh MY Arthur you are so dusty. Bless your sweetheart.

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