Phew ! you are just back and the selfie terror starts !!

See what you have done, now I am entangled with paws and mouth ! How can I pose for a nice selfie ??


Its almost a month that I haven't given any news of my cats, but the reason is simple I was away on holidays 2 weeks of sunshine in Hurghada/Egypt (red sea)

When I came home at 4 am nobody greeted me ! It was not worthwhile to say hello to me in the middle of their precious sleep. I was a bit disappointed, not even Arthur who is a very polite cat, was probably deep asleep somewhere.

But in the morning Rosie jumped on my bed and was apparently happy to find me in there. Arthur came and meowed for breakfast. Kim was still asleep in her bathroom corner, apparently she hadn't realized that  I had been away.

Arthur showed me that he likes the new sofa very much, especially when the sun shines and he has a warm and sunny spot.

Rosie prefers fabric, she doesn't like leather and showed me how nice she felt, despite the fact that I had left her alone, by rolling around.

They probably talked together, that now their holidays were over too, and Mr. G. wouldn't run at each meow to feed them. Arthur loves the warm tiles in front of the heating.

I had to start Christmas decoration and asked Mr. G. to pick up the tree in the basement. Arthur ignored the green stuff but loved the box ! For the next half n' hour he was jumping in and out and hiding ! I wonder how it will be tomorrow when the balls, angels and father Christmas will be unpacked !


Summer said...

I'm sure all the kitties missed you while you were away. Okay, so maybe not Kim!

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Im sure once you provide the necessary cuddles and extra treats, as penance for your blatant holidaying, the all will be well. MOL :)

Catscue Catmom said...

Whoever you left to care for them did a terrific job sounds like. Such a beautiful family, glad you are all together again for the holidays.

Tamago said...

What adorable photos of Rosie rolling around :-)
And Arthur playing in and out of the box
is so cute!

pilch92 said...

Glad everyone is doing well. I always worry about Kim. I bet that long tree box is lots of fun.