I really wanted to model for this selfie (for once) and what did she do ? She managed to squeeze her face against mine !!

I saw a bird, nearly dropped the phone that's why she had to help me and of course the bird is gone

With this selfie I show you what I have to read over the time !


My cats are slightly offended, because I had no time for them last weekend. I was busy with my painting exhibition. But of course I told everybody that these three are my models !

Now that has cooled down, we just have enough radiators for the two short haired cats, Kim with her sheep fur hates radiators.

So they alternate the places because of the different views.



I asked her to hold the phone I felt too weak !

I did the same, I was half asleep

What a place to make a selfie ! I didn't like it and you see it on my face ! All I wanted was a drop to drink !!

When I came back from hospital where I had my right eye done, I didn't realize that I looked like Frankenstein's daughter !

Arthur who was busy with grooming stopped and got a shock !

Rosie who had filed papers and was busy with the computer mouse stopped too

and looked at me with horror !

But then after they got a treat they occupied our seats as usual

and Arthur, as it was raining, slept on the radiator and looked through the window.

Kim didn't bother about my face and I only hope that next week I will look a bit better !