Pookie becomes a real pain in the neck ! Now she has started to meow operas when I am not awoken at 7.30 am at the latest. She had never done this before.

She eats her breakfast and 2 h later she is again asking for food. Maybe it is because she doesn't or cannot eat the dry food anymore. Even if there is food left in the other bowls, she insists and never gives up!

Mr. G. forgetting his arthritis has made a board for her covered with a carpet so that it's easier for her to get on his bed. Pookie so far only plays with the string and hasn't understood yet for what this thing is for.

She also is always with me under or besides my desk, of course only when Rosie is not around ! Rosie is like Putin, she defends her territory for the time being only with hissing at each other.

The weather was nice and Arthur took the opportunity to wash himself on the cat figurine, now hidden in the growing grass. No way to mow the lawn yet it's wet like a sponge.

In the evening when he is back from his walks he watches TV with Mr. G. He distributes his affection very fairly between us, once for a few days on my lap and then he changes before Mr. G. eventually could get jealous.

Rosie also went for a walk outside and sniffed at the fresh grass, and then ate a bit as salad, which she later barfed on the best carpet.

Kim leads her autistic life and runs away when she only sees me. She is full of knots again and on Friday I have an appointment at the groomer. I am already worried how to catch her and put her in the carrier !


Mascha said...

Nice to see what they all are doing... Oh yes, my then running to cat was also very suspicious and it was often very difficult to get her into the basket, because we had to go to the vet ... I know that!
Have a great day :-)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

The weather has gotten much nicer finally! I bet Arthur is happy.

Linens and Royals said...

Strange how some older cats start to meow loudly in the night. There are pages about it on Google. Charlotte has started to meow through the night and now most nights I get up at 3.30am and shut her in the sunroom. I have tried steps and ramps for her to get up on my bed, Charlotte ignores them and claws her way up or waits for me to lift her.
Good to share yourself around Arthur, It's not good to cause jealous feelings.

Vanessa Morgan said...

The cats look so content in all these photos. Enjoy the sun today in Waterloo :)

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Soon, it will be time to let your little grass cutting robot out to do it's job! :)
Good to see everyone doing well and GOOD LUCK getting Kim to the groomer this Friday!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Arthur looks so blissful getting his chin scritches but we wondered how he arrived back inside - does he have dirty paws or stop and wash them before coming inside? You don't need an alarm clock to get you up in a morning with Pookie about!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Katz Tales said...

Maybe she's going a little deaf? Our Au meowed louder when he was older and we think it's because his ears were a bit worn.

Good luck with the groomer!

Karen and Gerard said...

Good luck on getting Kim to the groomer. It's always stressful getting the cats into the carrier--they seem to know something is up.

meowmeowmans said...

I always love seeing what's going on with your cats, Gattina. I think my favorite picture this week was the one of Arthur on his back. :)

Good luck catching Kim for the groomer. I bet she will feel better after she gets groomed.

retriever said...

Have a nice day,