Another week with mostly rain but at least two days where we all believed it was still summer.

Rosie who usually is a night owl, and sleeps the whole day with a few interruptions to chase Arthur around, choose the day where the sun was shining to do some hunting in the garden. I don't know what she had caught, but she licked her whiskers.

Pookie who lives like a nun always in her self chosen convent which means Mr. G's bed, took a little nap outside but close to the cat flap, so she could disappear in the house if something dangerous would happen.

Arthur has found a new and very comfortable place especially when it is cold and rainy, he sleeps on the bonnet/hood of my car when I come back from shopping

His last invention to get me out of the bed around 5 am when he comes back from his night rounds is to climb on Rosie's cat tree and drop the dry food one by one on the parquet.

He doesn't eat it, because he prefers can food, so I wake up because it makes "bing ... bing...bing..."and then the little pieces roll over the floor. He had realized the first time he pretended to eat Rosie's food that I had jumped out of my bed like the devil out of the box, to take the food away because it is Rosie's diet food. Since 3 days we fight, I wake up from the noise, but don't move and stay in bed, but Arthur is the winner, he continues to throw the food on the floor until I get up ! If you notice dark rings under my eyes, it's Arthur's fault !


The Chair Speaks said...

Nice to see Pookie out enjoying the sun.
Arthur is certainly one smart cat and knows the best spot to rest!
LOL! Naughty Arthur outwitted you!

Boo-Bah said...

Arthur is so clever. Of course he won. Most time our cats do win. They do as they please.
It looks like whatever Rosie caught, it was devoured with much pleasure.

Pookie is so cute. Marshmellow is always staying where it's easy to run up in the box spring if there is a loud noise or people coming to visit.

Au and Target said...

Oh boy, poor Gattina! You'll never get the best of Arthur. Do you lie in bed and grit your teeth at the plunk-plunk of every dropped biscuit? Give all your troublesome furry crew a squizzle for me.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Arthur is norty but nice! And Pookie looks like he is really enjoying those sunbeams. And we can't help but wonder wot Rosie was eating?

We love Luna said...

hehehe poor Gattina, Artur is testing you!!! I'm always impressed how intelligent, smart the cats are, mainly yours! :)
The weather is not good here as well, but yesterday we got some sun at least!
Happy Tuesday and purrs to all!

Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

Glad to see Pookie outside in the sun.
I have to say it again, Arthur is like Olli....maybe they are siblings...if one cat here has another food like Olli has he trys everything to get it too...everything!!!

*Happy Tuesday*

Julie said...

Love all the pics of your beautiful kitties. My dad is a mechanic, so growing up we always had knew to check under the hood for kitties before starting a car...in the winter you almost always would find one keeping warm.

Irishcoda said...

Tsk, tsk, Arthur! I wonder if he's doing this just to poke you, Gattina, or if he's figured you'll get up and feed him the food he wants?

Lucy the Cat said...

Pookie reminds me of Lucy. She'll only go out on our patio if the door is ajar. She'll come racing in obviously scared of something and I'll check and I won't see anything. The patio is upstairs and completely fenced in. Go figure.

Arthur is too funny. I guess that's easy for mne to say since I don't live with him so he doesn't keep me up in the wee hours. What a smart little bugger! He is so smart and cute too!

Looks like Rosie was having fun hunting something. I always think it's better not to know.

catsynth said...

Arthur is quite the clever mischievous one :)
It's nice to see all the cats playing and relaxing.

Pierro said...

Lovely photos. Pookie is my kind of girl. Outside is dangerous! I am also very very careful about everything so I think that is great.
Arthur and Rosie, both of you continue to get out and have great adventures! I hope the weather stays very nice for many more weeks. Here it is dry, no rain!

bonkbonks for Tuesday

Boom Nisanart said...

Rosie and Pookie, You both look lovely and relax

Arthur, You a handsome man cat model : )

Softpencil said...

Hahaha, Arthur is so cute! my cat use to drop things like pens, coins at night too. What a mischievous kitties!

meowmeowmans said...

That Arthur sure is a rascal, isn't he? Rosie and Pookie look so relaxed in the garden. We really enjoyed the picture of Rosie climbing onto the bricks ... it looks like she is standing up on her back legs! :)