CATS ON TUESDAY - My and Morrocan cats

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Before I went to Morocco, I took Kim to the "hairdresser" because again she was full of knots and she always gets a nervous breakdown when we only try to approach with a brush !

But here she feels very comfortable, purrs and is happy, what a hypocrite !



I could make two other cats out of the fur which she combed out ! She must have been a sheep in her former life !


When I came back, Rosie looked suspicious


Arthur the philosopher decided to make a beauty out of himself in my unpacked suitcase


and Pookie slept in there for three days. Good excuse to leave it there where it was.

I saw a lot of cats during my roundtrip and they were not shy or skinny at all. Of course they don't live like our pampered darlings, but they are used to humans and also sleep with them. Cats are loved or liked in Morocco, probably because of the fact that Mohamed loved cats and even cut off his sleeve while he was reading to not disturb his cat.

Thinking what to do next .... dating ??

cat meeting


and grooming


katztales said...

Good to see you back! Kim obviously enjoys her luxury spa much more than the home cut :-)

Mohammed was also once rescued by his cat. The Prophet was going to sit down on a snake hiding under his pillows when the P's cat jumped out and killed the snake. I can't remember the cat's name, will look it up. But since that day all tabby cats have an M on their foreheads from where the P petted his kitty in gratitude.

katztales said...

Found it! How the tabby got it's M:


Ydiana said...

Gi gattina

Thanks! I really enjoyed all the pictures and lol at some of it esp Kim's hair. Is she a black Persian?

Katz, that's an interesting cat story about Prophet Mohamemd and the tabby cat. I haven't heard about it before and will check out your link. Thanks!

michico*Adan said...

Wowww....cats meating~!!
Looks very cool!

Luna said...

Hi Gattina, I´m glad you are back again!
Haha, I told today something about sheep shearing and now I see the hairdresser pictures of Kim, thats funny...

Oah there are lots of beautiful cats in Morocco..
Ich dachte mir schon, dass du jede Menge Katzen fotografieren wirst ;o)
Das h├Ątte ich auch sofort getan.
Hier ist es soooo kalt...

pughy said...

It is good to see you all back and to hear your stories. My mum loved Morrocco too and its cats but didn't know that story so thanks for that.
I have also ben to the hairdressers last week and got my hair cut. We do have an awful lot of floof Mum says I am like a spring lamb jumping about now, so although we dont admit it, it is good to feel all fluffless.

Thanks for a very interesting post, the pictures are lovely.

Hugs GJ x

Milo and Alfie said...

Loved the pics of the feral cats in Morocco - it's good to know they are loved.

The pics of your furry fambly are gorjuss! We especially liked the suitcase ones. Maybe they were making sure you couldn't go away again?

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love hearing of societies where they like cats and don't kill them. So I would like Morocco, I know.

Yes, Rosie does look very suspicious. I wonder what she had been up to? It's nice that Kim is used to the hairdressers now. It can be stressful for both cat and owner otherwise.

Pam said...

Kim reminds me of our cat, Peeve. He has so much hair he could have been a sheep also!
I would enjoy Morocco because they don't bother the wild cats. Too many places trap them and kill them!
Glad you are back. : )

Irishcoda said...

I'm glad to hear that Moroccans like cats and those are some pretty kitties in the pictures! And my, Kim sure had a lot of hair! Always enjoy reading about Arthur and Rosie, too! :)

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Soz happie ta hear dat Morocco yikes itz kitties but momma still wishes dat ebby one of dem had a home of der own an' was spayed or neutered. Hard ta takez da rescue outa' mommaz head.

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

You did a lovely job commenting on my blog. I had time this morning so I viewed your art blog...my goodness, you are so talented. I couldn't paint or draw if my life depended on it☺