CATS ON TUESDAY - Spring in the air ??

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Apparently spring is in the air, although I don't remark anything yet, but Rosie is in super form !
Poor Arthur suffers. She attacks him



and knocks him KO !

Then she found my bra on my bed, pulled it down on the floor and imagined that it was her worst ennemy.




Before I feared for my bra and thought it wouldn't survive, she decided that it is a nice place to sit.

Even old Lisa (17) plays ! That's a miracle. Since I found a solution with her ageing problems, she doesn't yowl anymore and became clean again too. We don't have to traumatize the poor girl anymore with giving her this pill against anxiety.

The solution is quite simple and I am only angry with myself that I didn't have the idea before. Now, before I go to bed, I put food and water and a "personal" litter box in Mr. Gattino's room, leave the light on a little and close the door. I think she feels safe then. Nobody can bother her, and she can relax. The poor thing is deaf and can't hear when Rosie approaches ! Now she sleeps well uses her litter box and in the morning the greats me with happy meauws. The day she spends with the others of course.



Lisa also in super form !


katztales said...

So all Lisa needed was a little special care and a place to be a safe old lady? Wow! So glad she's back on her paws again.

Springtime Rosie and Arthur look very sweet. Love it when those kitties ahve their mad half hour.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Such a wonderful solution for Lisa. I hope all the many cat-lovers who read your blog will hear her story and can be helped by knowing how you solved her fears!

I love seeing the cat boxing matches! And a bra as mortal enemy...oh my! Poor Rosie! lol

Ydiana said...

Haha..I guess you can wave your bra goodbye. It belongs to Rosie now as her latest conquer!

Glad Lisa is well now. And poor Arthur, or was he acting defeat?!

Luna said...

I´m so glad to see old Lisa in super form and to read that you found a solution for her age problems.

Haha too funny to see Rosie fighting with your bra.

Rosie can come over to play with Olli if Arthur has no more opinions.

Tricia said...

Every one looks like they are feeling quite frisky and full of themselves. It's wonderful when spring starts to arrive. We had a very different cat at our house yesterday.

Tink said...

Great pics! Rosie got her first bra, haha! ;) Good to hear Lisa is doing fine.

Irishcoda said...

Sounds like spring has sprung at your home...not here, not yet. We just had a lot of snow! :P I'm glad Lisa's much happier now!

Julie said...

I'm glad Lisa is happier, that's wonderful that you were able to figure her out. What a great owner you are for her. :) Happy Tuesday!

Elin! said...

Lisa is playing! how amazing!
come on Lisa, let's play!

oh Rosie, stop playing with the bra..

Princess said...

It is good Lisa is doing so well. I do like a few toys sometimes. I also have my own room with a heater at night. It makes me calm. Pierro has his own room at night too because mom needs her sleep and does not want games going on in the house at night.
Arthur seems very content with the two girls, one wild and silly, the other mature and a little bit sensitive.
Love and purr

meemsnyc said...

Good job on capturing the bra!!

Dr.John said...

I would play but I don't have a cat. When my son brings his dog the dogs play like pups and it is chaos.
Enjoyed your cat pictures and glad that you found a way to help the old one.

Cliff and Olivia said...

What great news about Lisa. It's good to hear that the "treatment" sometimes can be so simple.

We hope she gets many good years with lots of playing!

Andrée said...

Gattina, that is wonderful about Lisa. Please don't berate yourself. We are so posed to think the worse that the other solutions may escape us. But you found it! And you shared it so if I ever run across something like this, I can try it!

MaoMao said...

Oh wowie, that's just wunnerful that Lisa is doin so much bettur. And hehehe at Rosie tryin to kill yur bra! Marilyn loves to mess with Momma's bras, too.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

The Cat Realm said...

WOW we are glad you found that solution, that is so wonderful!
We have to apologize, we are not blogging a lot and we don't visit anymore.
We are so bad we never even notified you that we gave you, Gattina, an award on January 10!
So sorry..... we hope things will get better.....

Just Sharlene said...

Good tips about Lisa. I will remember that in the future :)