CATS ON TUESDAY - Snow again ??

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Rosie is in super form ! she annoys her siblings ! Poor Arthur has not one minute for himself, Rosie wants to play ! Finally as everybody send her to hell, she found a new victim, a "Hello Kitty" toy.



At least there she had somebody to play with who didn't hiss on her !


Pookie checked if there is something nice to eat on the counter, but only found salad, the poor thing.

Lisa is still happy in her own room during nights, but of course during day the door is open so Rosie had to check on her !


sleeping peacefully

This picture I took of her yesterday and for her 17 years she still looks good.



Poor Arthur this morning looked out of the window and what did he see ? SNOW ! he quickly returned into the room, very disappointed that spring is still not there. He so much wants to help the neighbours in their gardens, instead he feared it would be again like in the picture above !


Ydiana said...

My, my...Rosie is ever so playful, isn't she? And doesn't gets tired at all, to other's dismay...haha! And Lis looks good for her age! :) Spring isn't there yet?

michico*Adan said...

I am so glad to see Rosie and everybody is so animated~!
That is really wonderful at this cold season~!

Luna said...

Hahaha, thats the same with Olli here. He always wants to play and annoying the other cats when they want to have their nap.

I´m glad to read that old Liza found herself again and is content with the solution at night.

Hey Arthur I can´t see you in all that snow...don´t worry spring is coming soon!

katztales said...

Snow? Brrr. Arthur is so brave to get his paws all cold and wet. doesn't Lisa look sweet for such a senior girl? My mum's cat Qwill is also 17 but he has runny eyes. Siamese though so it's sort of expected. But for the rest, he's happy, inquisitive and his usual bossy self. Old cats are so special.

Tricia said...

Rosie looks like she is having a blast with all of the kitties at your house.

Pookie looks truly put out that there is only salad there.

Glad Lisa is still doing well with her new night time arrangement. She looks great, someone has obviously taken great care of her and loves her lots.

Poor Arthur, he blends right in doesn't he. I won't tell him that we went from snow on March 1 to high 60's to mid 70's and signs of spring everywhere.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

Luna Spain said...

Snow!!! Wow!!
A lot kisses for you and her cats !

Now is a Sunny day but a lot win ...viento!


Dianna said...

It's warmed up quite a bit here, which makes the cats very happy. Plus all the night singing birds are singing, usually a sure sign of spring. Now...if only they can catch those freaking birds so I can get some sleep!

Julie said...

My Mimi would love to come over and play with Rosie! I think Lisa looks great, my old girl Katy is 12 now but still a bit fiesty. Great pics. :)

Dianna said...

Those squillions were 2 for $1 at Walgreens. If they get any more in I'll grab you a pair and ship them to you. I'm probably doing to do more with the squillions, so check back, maybe you'll find a few more you're missing. :)

Luna said...

Gattina, ich hab vergessen anzumerken, dass Olli das Zeug ( Vit) nicht ausstehen kann und es gerade heute morgen wieder auf den Boden gespuckt hat.

pughy said...

Lovely pictures, My bridge sister was a torti, and she was almost 20 when she went to the bridge so 17 is still young hopefully.

Hugs GJ xx

Kuanyin Moi said...

Not snow again! Oh well, your clan looks comfy and cozy and happy to see all is well!

Andrée said...

Hi Gattina! You're having the same problems we're having. But hopefully it'll stop snowing for us both. Lisa looks fantastic.

Princess said...

More snow! I have never seen so much snow in Belgium! stay warm kitties!

Jeffrey L. New said...

All my 45 kitties stay inside all year round.