CATS ON TUESDAY - Nature calls

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Arthur is a happy cat. The rain has stopped, the temperature raised and even the sun came out a bit. For the first time this year he could use his observation post for bird watching purposes.


But also the street became interesting again. People walk their dogs and even look at their gardens to see what they should cut or plant. With the help of Arthur of course.

And then it is so nice to use the big litter box nature has created ! Doesn't matter that the place he choose is our precious gravel in front of the house.


After long researches he finally found an adequate spot

Looked around to see that nobody watched him, after all he is a well educated cat

Did his business

and felt so light and happy after ! It is so good to scratch the back by rolling on the ground !

Then he retired into the bushes to watch from there what was going on the street. Arthur the spy !


katztales said...

Arthur prefers grit to bushes? How unusual! Love the way he looks about to make sure he's unobserved. Target and Au have bushes at the end of our garden. It's private, shady, rainproof and doesn't smell.

michico*Adan said...

It's so great to see Arthur has such a big place to have his adventure and playing.
That is wonderful~!
I hope I could have this big area for Adan and Lego.
I guess busy urban city has their bad issues, hee hee~~~~

I like the photo Arthur on the roof, the best photo of today!

Luna said...

Arthur, that is a great observation place on the roof !
That is not a really comfortable place to do you business. We use the
sandbox, the fresh raked beds or the fields near our house ...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Arthur would be very much at home at our place. There are lots of birds and lots of things going on; there are lots of good places to view all the goings on and our litter box is silicone crystals or there is a great big garden outside if he wished.

Come and visit us, Arthur.


Mitzi & Bella

Elin! said...

Arthur is a the most cutest spy in th world!

Irishcoda said...

I just love your posts about your cats! They are filled with such good humor I just smile and smile! :)

Andrée said...

I love that last photo of Arthur in the shrubbery. Jungle cat!

pughy said...

Explorer, you look super on the roof look out post, just ready for action.

Hugs GJ xx

Tink said...

Arthur looks so happy! My cats prefer to enjoy the sun dozing off in the windowsill.

Obsidian Kitten said...

I especially love the first photo of Arthur on the roof!

And how funny is Arthur dancing with Rosie! lol

Anonymous said...

Arthur looks very happy to be outside again. It has been cold and rainy here the last few days so nobody has been allowed out.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dianna said...

Cats are so funny. They'll come right up to you and stick their bum in your face, but they want privacy when they use the litter box. LOL!

catsynth said...

Arthur makes quite a contrast with his white fur against the landscape.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Waoh, this is first time I am seeing Arthur enjoying outside. He must really have loved it!

Tricia said...

So glad you are getting outside Arthur. I'd scold your momma for invading your privacy, but I've been so bad today I don't dare.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

TorAa said...

King Arthur is a Legend.

I miuew no more-;)

ps. papa's toe is a bit better, so he can sit for a short while in front of his PC.

Princess said...

Arthur you really are a jungle cat, wow! I am glad you got to go out to play - er, hunt around today


Just Sharlene said...

hahahaha..... Arthur looks so happy!

Ydiana said...

Hi Gattina

That's so convenient for him and he looks real satisfied and happy! Love his white fur!