pughy said...

You look as though you are deciding what to write. Bet it would be an interesting story.

Hugs Ginger Jasper xxx

Cliff and Olivia said...

What a tiny, itchy-bitty 'puter. It's almost too small to take a nap on.

Elin! said...

U are soooo romantic, Arthur!
Write it with your paw!

GAttina, u have a nice new header~
Thanks for your hugs and kisses for our late Boody's departure to the Bridge~

Anonymous said...

Arthur seems to be feeling very romantic! I wonder who will receive his love letter!

www.petloverspalace.com said...

My Kitten Tabby likes to help daddy play on the computer,he thinks chasing the arrow around the screen is what daddy needs help with.

Louisette said...

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Anonymous said...

Paw or 'pooter - whatever takes your fancy! Just write 'em!