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8 days in Turkey !

As probably everybody knows there is a huge assortment of cat patterns. Here are only very few examples :

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brown, red and united colored
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting white, black and then the once who costs a lot of money and are "race".

At least the human has a lot of choice, as the once I have listed here are probably not even half of the existing patterns especially with the multi patterned and colored once.

The multi colored are all females, but I also have heard that sometimes mother nature makes an exception and a male comes out, but this happens not very often.

So you can choose amongst :
grey, white, black with a little red,
red, white, with a little grey
black with a littlegrey and red (that makes brown cats if you look from far).

Here are my cats, which probably you already know and even with only four there is quite some choice.

Pookie, black ,grey, caramel (no red, thats my camera's invention)
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Lisa black, white, red, caramel (the whole cat looks brown)

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Arthur all in white

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and Kim all in black

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When I were in Amsterdam, I saw this cute cat sitting on a shoe stand on the market and watched people going by. Most of them stopped to pet the red and white cat. Who didn't bother at all.

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And this is Sophie, white, black and grey (no red, again an invention of my camera) my girlfriends cat in England.

Cat colors and patterns are really international. All countries I have been visiting so far had all the same cats. The only once who were a little different were the egyptian cats as they had siamese looking heads and also were very long legged. But not as our spoiled and expensive siamese cats, the egyptian once you also could find near garbidge cans or even in them. But I have to say that the cats didn't look hungry at all and were mostly very well fed. There still must be a little trace from egyptian history where cats were considered as godess and even mommified. Now of course they have a lot of kitten but some of the egyptians start or had already to have them spayed. Which is a good thing.

The colors and patterns of a cat doesn't influence their characters. Each one of them is different, just like with us humans (sorry we have no patterns only colors). The only trouble is with white cats they are almost all deaf when they have blue eyes. Some humans too, when they have white hairs they sometimes need a hearing aid, which unfortunately doesn't exist for white cats

There are no preferences either when a cat man chooses his cat woman. He doesn't care at all about the outfit. In this human males are very different and difficult. Cats don't care about Mrs. cats age. An old cat is not only running behind a young girl cat, he takes everything to one condition : it has to be a female.

So if you want to be the proud owner of one or more cats, you have more choice in cats then in shoes.

Of course I only listed here the commun house cats and not all the breeds which also exists in many colors and pattern.

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one grey cat mum with three different kittens,

what color had dad cat ?


(I saw him in the neighborhood)


Momo said...

Two of my kitties are like your Lisa (one is almost just like her and the other has that print but white paws and orange legs - we call them "Torti" colored), one is red (or orange as we like to say), one is buff (light, light red) and white, and one is tiger/black/brown/tan with longish hair.

You're right - kitties can all be the same no matter what country they're from!

Kukka-Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading this post, but I must say...gray/black/white tabbies are the most attractive (I say this while looking in the mirror).

Aurhur looks so regal! I love his white coat!

Luna said...