Nice ! I am satisfied with my Selfie

No way that I leave my place and pose for a selfie ! This is my selfie

Of course after my beauty treatment I look as young as 18 years ago ! even the groomer said it, because I am not skinny, and my fur shines !


Nearly 20 year old Kim had knots in her fur, because I couldn't brush her belly and long claws which I didn't dare to cut. I decided to take her to her groomer and hoped it wouldn't stress her too much.
Of course she sang in the car because she was locked in her carrier but once there she completely changed and started to purr !

The whole procedure long and she really seemed to enjoy her beauty treatment. I was surprised that still so many hairs came out.

On the way back I let her out of the carrier and she sat behind and looked out of the window, without saying a word.

and then once at home she went out ! The sun was shining and she sat a bit on the grass, before she returned in her bathroom and start her 24 h marathon sleep, poor thing was a little exhausted, at that age it's normal !

Arthur too enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather and moved outside !

The whole day until there was no sun anymore he lay on the terrace and tried to get brown (perhaps) but he didn't succeed.

Only Rosie preferred to stay inside and enjoy the sun through the window.

She did a "spring cleaning" with her fur and will probably go out later.

Before she had to strengthen herself by a beauty sleep before going on a walk.

This is little Isis my friend Nicole's cat. As a toy she has a mink tail (very posh) ! The 4 year old daughter of her neighbor found the tail and asked "Auntie Nicole, I found the tail, but where is the rest of the cat ?"


Summer said...

That's awesome that Kim likes her grooming sessions so much, still!

pilch92 said...

Great selfies from all. Kim is looking extra beautiful after her visit to the groomer.

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Aww, Kim is a real treasure, and it's awesome she loved her beauty session/trip. Maybe more car outings are in order?
I think everyone else is looking like I am right now, and enjoying a rest and/or a sun puddle, after a modicum of Spit-and-polish.

meowmeowmans said...

You all look great, Rosie, Arthur and Kim! Arthur, you made us smile real big with your selfie -- so comfortable! :)

Kim, you sure do look gorgeous. We are glad you enjoyed your spa treatment!

Catscue Cat Mom said...

Kim is a wise kitty, she loves her beauty session - good girl! Everyone is so sweet and happy today, and beautiful!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Purrs Kim on a fine bit of sun even if there was not a lot. We love our elders and your whole family of course
Timmy and Family

Tamago said...

Sounds like Kim really enjoyed her beauty treatment and it made her feel so good :-) She does look very shiny and beautiful!
Arthur, I love your adorable selfie!

Little Miss Titch said...

Great selfies...spring is on its way,xx Speedy