Sorry no selfie today

Me and my stone brother


I noticed no change in the behaviour of Rosie and Arthur since Kim is not there anymore. The only thing which seems strange to me is that both, Rosie and Arthur don't use their litter boxes anymore and each morning when I want to clean them there is nothing to clean. Even when it rained outside, now I am a little worried, they must have found another place hopefully not in the basement. So far there is no typical cat smell in the house.

For one day during this week it was nice and Arthur rolled happily in the sunshine

Rosie joined but not for long, then she returned inside.

To my despair Arthur loves to play table decoration and nothing can convince him to sleep elsewhere. Finally I gave up, let him sleep, he is also 17 and becomes a stubborn oldie, I clean the table cloth from hairs and change it when we use the table.

He also loves to sleep in Mr. G's bed especially when it is rainy and cold outside.

Rosie since a few weeks always uses her Ikea bed, which before she ignored and never used it. I just wanted to give it away to a shelter. She must have felt it because suddenly she sleeps in it. It seems  she doesn't like to give "her" things away !

I want to thank you all very much for your kind words and comfort you sent to us when Kim passed away. Of course she will stay forever in our hearts and live with us, only on the other side of life.

Ann Adamus Zoolatry put this nice photo of Kim on her Blog.


Dash Kitten Crew said...

Oooh the memorial picture of Kim is so lovely and gentle. A respectful commemoration that celebrates a loved life.

I have to confess that your stories about Arthur make me laugh! He is like our senior white cat Harvey, stubborn and determined but he knows he is loved.

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Tat is a lovely badge that Ann has done, and it is great to see it on the blog, too—we miss Kim.
As they say, Cats will be cats, and cats sleep everywhere. Looks like they are both exercising the adage and making sure they dont lose premium napping spots, LOL
Theweather here has been horrid wet windy and more horrid. Truly not a good spot or minutes worth of truly summer like weather.
Heres hoping next week is better—though it's not looking like it yet.

The Chair Speaks said...

Awww, they both miss Kim. We love that photo of Rosie sleeping on her Ikea bed! Purrs and hugs!

John Bellen said...

I too just lost one of my cats, Parker, and it's not a feeling I wanted to share; the cause of it is too tragic. I am very sorry that Kim had to leave; there is no replacing our loved ones, and no real healing for the holes they leave in their places. Godspeed, Kim.

John Bellen said...

Perhaps extra litter-boxes would help with the others. Maybe one in the basement.

meowmeowmans said...

Rosie and Arthur are surely missing Kim, as do we all. How funny that Rosie did not sleep in the doll bed until you were ready to donate it. :)

Hugs to you, and special scritches and pets to Arthur and Rosie.

Karen said...

Arthur is awesome--a true king of the castle! Rosie's bed looks just the right size for her--funny how cats know when you are about to get rid of their things.

Summer said...

The dining table is also a sleeping spot for Binga and Boodie. My human just throws the tablecloth in the washer when it gets too much fur! She hardly uses the table to dine anyway.

Catscue Cat Mom said...

That Arthur is a force of nature - MOL! My cats did the same thing with the beds we got, only when we were going to donate them did they start using them - cats!

pilch92 said...

Arthur makes a lovely table decoration.

Valentine said...

A passing fursib can be a quite a shock for us pussycats. We, like our humans, morn and find ways to deal with the change in the household. I imagine Rosie and Arthur are just trying to cope and learn to somehow move on without Kim, which may mean adjusting their old routines and habits in order to start to mend their broken hearts. Consoling kisses and hugs for you all.

Tamago said...

Funny that Rosie began to use the bed when you decided to give it away. She sure sensed it :-)
That is s lovely graphic for your sweet Kim. xo

Photo Cache said...

What a beautiful memorial photo for Kim.

Happy Father's Day to Mr. G. May he enjoy all the mortadella he can eat today!!!!


Colehaus Cats said...

Yippee for sunshine days and for enjoying them! Much the same for enjoying naps on tables and tablecloths (Mom's glaring at our sister Tessa who does the same as your Arthur). We LOVE those IKEA beds, and someday, we might even talk Mom into buying us one! MOL!

Hugs and the softest of soft purrs to you. Thank you for sharing Kim with us, for caring for her and loving her.