Poor old girl Pookie has a hard week behind her. The vet had suggested to pull out her last teeth because they could cause infections easily. I took her to the vet and waited until she was asleep and then I left. The vet told me she would send me an sms when she is ready to be picked up.

To my surprise in the afternoon the vet rang me and told me she would bring her over, as she had a visit to do in my area ! She is the most kindest vet I ever met ! I know her for almost 20 years.

Pookie discovered her home walking like a drunken sailor. Then she hid under Mr. G. desk where she stayed for a day and didn't eat at all. But then the next day I prepared her food adding a little water and she ate with a very good appetite. Amazing how cats recover so quickly. She even took a sunbath on the terrace !

Naughty Arthur had peed again on a rug ! It doesn't happen often but from time to time. There is nobody new in our surroundings ! Does someone know what I could put on the rags ? Cat repels attracts him ! He always does the contrary to what a normal cat would do ! I was happy to see him using the grass this time !

Rosie is a little bitch. She doesn't want to let Arthur in, and when he is in she doesn't let him out !
That's her new sport.

Kim as usual ignores what is happening around her and sleeps all day on an armchair, or she goes out and disappears.


Hannah and Lucy said...

What a kind vet you have to bring Pookie home after her dental work. We are sure she made up for the food she missed yesterday as well as her breakfast today.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Kitties are pretty resilient, even the seniors! I'm glad Pookie came through her dental okay!

Karen and Gerard said...

It took my cat a couple 7 days to get back to eating his regular food after his dental and we were told to give him the soft food which he really doesn't like all that much. He barely ate anything the first two days. You very blessed to have a vet who actually makes house calls--sure wish we could find one who would do that!

Linens and Royals said...

Rosie you are so funny staring Arthur down and not letting him inside.
Kim I think you must have been to the groomer again, your fur looks so glossy. Hope your mouth is feeling good again Pookie, not much fun having teeth out.
Moth balls are reputed to help with Arthur's "problem"

The Island Cats said...

Poor Pookie. We bet she's glad that's over now. How nice of your vet to bring her home.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I am glad Pookie is feeling better. I hope she had some pain meds for a couple days. Arthur is a handful, my Lucy pees in bad places when I don't give her enough attention- could he be mad at you?

Cleopawtra said...

Glad to hear that Pookie is doing better, now that he's toothless. Arthurs problem maybe because of Rosie being a bully at the door. It's his way of letting you know of his frustration of not having an easy way in and out the door. Mothballs can work, but only if you can stand the smell. Have a great Tuesday!!!

meowmeowmans said...

We are glad Pookie is doing well after her dental work. That was very nice of your vet to bring her home! :)

Rosie, be nice to Arthur, okay?

Hi Kim (even though you will probably ignore us. LOL!)