As Halloween is approaching I thought I could take out my little decoration and at least decorate the living room. Usually nobody does decorate for Halloween inside the house in Belgium and outside it just starts since a couple of years. I began to do it, because I think it's nice to take over cute uses of other countries. My friends appreciate and like to come to see what I have done.

After half an hour of research through the whole house I finally found the plastic bag with the Halloween stuff and put it on the floor !

Rosie was enthousiastic about the bag and had to check the inside immediately

How interesting all these little witches, they were so different from her green and pink mousies

and they had a broom ! Rosie settled down in the bag and watched what I was doing now.

I decorated Arthur in the hope he would make a nice face and I could subtitle the picture with "Arthur and his witches", but Arthur wasn't in the mood for being a top model

He turned around and showed me clearly that he is not interested in witches at all.

In my halloween "archives" I also found this horrible spider I had bought to frighten my friends who usually screem when they see it.

Not so Rosie

She found this beast very interesting und started to play with it.

Arthur didn't find this spider very exciting and just opened a little his eyes. Then they both settled down for a little nap, with the spider in the middle. That was when I took these photos !

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Linens and Royals said...

Rosie and Arthur, you are such good models and could teach my 2 lazy girls a thing or two. Where are the other cats in your house? you two are taking all the limelght. Don't be fooled by that spider, it's NOT real!

meemsnyc said...

What neat Halloween decorations!

katztales said...

Mousy witches and spiders? Excellent! I must look for a spider for Target just to see what he says.

michico*Adan said...

I like that very bid spider next to Rosie~!
It matches!!

Sara Katt said...

Wow! Halloween in Belgium! I wish we had Halloween here in Sweden. It is slowly catching on for teen-aged parties, but it's not the same "Trick-or-Treat" dress-up night as Mommie said it was in Virginia, where she was a two-legged-kit.
I am going to have to have a serious talk with Mommie about decorating inside for Halloween. You all did a great job! We could be cat-witches!
Purrs from
Sara Cat, Cajsa-Mamma-Cat and Calle Ginger-Tabby-Boy-Cat
Our Mommie (Christina Wigren) says "Hi!"

AL said...

Ohhhh spiders! Are you not afraid of spiders Rosie? Umm I am not afraid either, you look like you're all set for Halloween. Halloween here in the Philippines is similar with your country, we also do trick or treat but we call and do it in a different way.

Luna said...

Oh, this is cute. Rosie is helping yopu with the halloween decoration,
Playing in the bag is a great fun!
Arthur thinks he is not interested in those scary items.
Gattina, I would scream by this huge spider too, huaaaa. I´m curious when the decoration is ready.do you want to let the spider there ?

Milo and Alfie said...

We're having to type this ourselves 'cos when Mom saw the spider the screamed "EEEEEEEK!" and ran away!

Milo and Alfie xx

Toronto realtor said...

Hi. You have a very beautiful banner. Halloween is great time of the year. I usually begin to prepare for it quite long time before it starts. Everything starts with thoughts about decoration, then I have to buy all necessary stuff and do it. However, sometimes it is hard to find inspiration. Anyway, nice post and great cats. You must have a lot of fun with them.

Good luck,

Ydiana said...

Cute decorations! Arthur is somewhat not too excited, maybe sleep is more fun for hyime. Just don't put that sidey next to moi...Haha!

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh my adorable friends, these decoration is fabulous!Your mommy is really creative!
I liked everything but THAT spider! wowwwwwwww it makes me frightened now.I got shivers down my spine!:)
purrs and love

Cindy said...

Too cute! I'm glad to see Rosie getting into the spirit of things. Arthur looks bored. Great post.

Dora said...

Wow! Arthur has so many "friends"! ;p

Puss-in-Boots said...

That spider looks very realistic. I brought my grandson a radio controlled tarantula for Christmas last year. It was a huge hairy thing and it moved along very realistically. He loved it...his father hated it!

Pam said...

I think Arthur and the witches would have been hilarious, but he seems very disdainful!

The Chair Speaks said...

I have a one-eyed rescued cat named Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK and that pirate hat on one of your cats in the banner is perfect!

Julie said...

How funny, I did a post with witches today, too! Cute pics. Happy COT!

Maribeth said...

Rosie is a little mischief, I think! Arthur tries to live a simple uncomplicated life. After all, he is a man. lol

catsynth said...

Looks like Rosie is quite curious about the holiday supplies. Bags are of course always fun.


Love Halloween and I think all your
cats do to! Cats always like something new to view and play with! Ooooh that big spider is cool and scary. You have some great Halloween stuff!

Elin said...

The spider is big!
My secretary said it was horrible!

She is scared, boo to her..lol!

It is nice to see u again, also to Rasie & Arthur after a looooong time I'm not showing up :)


Boo-Bah said...

Rosie that spider looks as big as you. You are a brave kitty cat to play with it.
Arthur you could care less, you are busy taking your nap.
Both of you are so sweet, I just love you.! Peanut and Marshmellow send their hello's.


Irishcoda said...

That is so funny about Rosie and the decorations. Maybe Halloween will be her favorite time of the year! And Arthur reminded me so much of Kosmo and how he'd react if we dressed him up. Once Heidi and Kristin put a baby diaper on him and that's about the way he reacted! I figured out McLinky--it was me of course before, human error!

Ginger said...

Nothing gets in the way of a good cat nap, not even a spider!

TorAa said...

We this year need no Halloween costumes
it's around naturelle.

funny captures.

by the way, the Link does not work with my browser???

Pacey said...

My first time here Gattina, Ebie pointed this website to me. My first cat post is up. Have a nice week to you and to all participants here.

Princess said...

that spider is horrrribly big. Mom shivered when she saw it. she hates spiders so much. I agree, I think they are very interesting, especially fake ones. You have such a nice collection of halloween things.
When the girls were little we used to do a lot of decorating around the house, lots of scenes and such, but now we just plug in an electric pumpkin and we have orange and purple lights for the front door. Mom buys candy and makes special bags for the kids, with puzzles an da cool toy or pencil too. We get a lot of them, so many cutie kids in the neighborhood. Oh they all know us and the girls so it is nice to say hello and see how big they are now!

Mom likes to tease the BIG kids that are really too old to be out begging for candy and they have a terrible lazy costume, some NO costume, these kids are 14-16 years old and come much later than the younger ones. Mom gives them carrots. She tells those older kids "yes all of the little kids got carrots and they were happy"
We are excited... but I think Pierro will freak out as usual. He is afraid terribly afraid of strangers and strange sounds and the doorbell is the RING OF DEATH, lol

Happy day to you
It is chilly here, very early for such cold. Where is the global warming>

purrs and love

katztales said...

We've posted a story to our blog today, so if you want a 5 minute read, drop by. http://www.lepak.com/katztales.html

Just as well I dropped back again. There are some new COTers on teh linky list I didn't know about.

Marie said...

So cute! I love Rosie and Arthur :-) That spider would scare me half to death though!

We just found your blog but I'm going to try and join your for Cats on Tuesday now that I've found you. My three furballs are demanding it :-)