CATS ON TUESDAY - What to do ?

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With all the stories I told about my roundtrip through Morocco, Pookie must have appreciated the most my tales about Harems. Because here you see her rolling around on an oriental rug, playing the luxury cat dreaming to be the favourite of 300 cat dames of the Harem (poor sultan) !



Rosie didn't listen to my stories, she prefers to sit at my window and watch what is going on on the street.
Then she saw Arthur and waved !


He was sitting in the neighbor's front garden across the street and watched some magpies. His friend Gedeon the neighbor's cat has a magpie as friend, it follows him on the street and hopps behind him. I didn't manage yet to make a picture of this strange couple. Arthur too of course wants to have such a friend.

When I opened the window and he saw Rosie he ran across the street and greated with a loud "meow" !


Rosie didn't want to go out, she prefered to stay were she was. It is end spring but still cool and rainy.


so Arthur sat down and was thinking hard to whom he could spend a visit now. If only there would be somebody in a garden !


katztales said...

Wow a cat with a bird friend? that sounds so amazing. Hope you can snap a good picture. Nice to see you back, even if the cats aren't interested in your stories - beyond checking out comfy rugs :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I hope you can get a photo of the cat with the magpie. That would be so unusual to see. I've seen cats with budgies, but they've usually grown up together. But a magpie is a different story.

I like your oriental rug, very colourful. You can imagine Cleopatra rolled up in that one...maybe that's who Pookie thinks she is!

Ydiana said...

Hahaha...now I see Pookie's belly! Nice tummy, Pookie!

Dora said...

The colour of the rug really match Pookie's fur colour. :D

Luna said...

Hi Arthur, I can send you Olli to play!
I wonder how it looks a bird and a cat walking on the sidewalk together.

Princess Pookie look good on the oriental carpet.
Rosie, you have a great view from the window.
Hier ist es auch "nicht" gerade sommerlich, Gattina.

Julie said...

Pookie looks so regal! Love her belly floof.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello sweet friends!
What a wonderful rug! I would love to take a catnap there!Looks so comfortable!
I loved all pictures! And sometimes, like Rosie does, I like to seat near the window here watching the life outside!
Adorable story!
purrs and love
Luna(from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

How interesting to have a birdie for a friend! We have a lot of birds come to the feeder but they fly away if we get too close!

Maribeth said...

Good Morning Dearest Arthur! Pats from Untie Dackel in New Hampshire!

StandTall-The Activist said...

You have received an award... see my blog for details.

pughy said...

I love those pictures with Arthur shouting up, come down and play..

Poor Arthur I hope he finds someone to play with.

Hope you catch the magpie and puss picture.

Hugs GJ x

TorAa said...

Rosie really looks like in colour, on her stomach.

We ponder weher or not the two of ours are pregnant or not.

All behaviour signalise they are, but they are Manx---

btw - will you be home in Waterloo between July 20-30?

Ydiana said...

Hi Gattina

Lol...sorry to dissapoint you yesterday. i have a delightful cat story today! Come hop over!! :)

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Pookie looks lovely on the rug. Rosie spying on Arthur is cute, especially the greeting he gave her when he realized she was watching.

Princess said...

How sweet to have a magpie for a friend. I love your outside adventures. You two are always finding new discoveries, that is great


Elizabeth said...

Your pictures from your adventures are beautiful, and the cats look so sweet. I love the cats sleeping on the oriental rugs. Bien!