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Rosie has nearly doubled !
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It was about time to look in the basement for some Halloween stuff from last year. All cats were outside so I could do it without being disturbed. They are always soo helpful !

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Then I found Lisa sleeping on the sofa and put some things around her. She didn't move a bit

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I did the same with Arthur who didn't even open an eye. I thought I could use these pictures for Halloween, but so peaceful sleeping cats are not really a Halloween theme.

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Pookie didn't want to pose, she prefered to watch Rosie who had climbed in the shopping bag with new Halloween decoration for this year.
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of course she had to check it out.

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and as I had bought some flowers too, she put not only her nose but almost her whole body in the paper and sniffed at the flowers. But apparently that wasn't so interesting and she turned around and found a plate with some left overs on which I wanted to throw away. But Rosie didn't agree. She wanted to taste it.

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So I put the dish on the floor and she served herself.

Besides the fact that Arthur watched the man who cut our hedge nearly falling in the garden shed and demolished the roof nothing special happened. And of course I didn't think about my camera in this moment when Arthur admired the guy's leg hanging through the roof inside the shed.


Andrée said...

I love the photo of Rosie with her head in the flower bag! And no, I'm afraid your kitties are not scary enough for Halloween!

michico*Adan said...

Pookie is so cute to drink water near the sink~!!Adan is not doing that for so many years~!

Rosie is also cute, sitting in shopping bag to check which item did you buy~!!! Hehehehe~! This is her first Halloween~! I am sure she will be have great fun, her big brother and sister may see several times, so just they just let you do~!

Please give a kiss to Rosie for me~!

Anonymous said...

How could you miss the hedge trimming man falling through the roof of the shed???? Where is the camera when we really need it?

Rosie looks like she is having fun with this Halloween thing. But I have to agree with Andree... not nearly scary enough for Halloween!

Paula said...

It is amazing how fast Rosie is growing up.
That is funny with her sniffing the flowers and the peacful kitties sleeping with the halloween decorations and not even noticing them.

I enjoyed catching up this morning reading about what your kitties have been up to this week.

Rosie is getting territoral now.
Wikipedia is that way too about her treats, toys and sleeping places.
I wonder if it is a female trait?

Deana said...

That little Rosie is like having a toddler around, she gets into everything! She is so cute...I know you guys never have a dull moment with all those great cats in the family!

Wonderful photos as always...my cats had to check out all the Halloween decorations I pulled out even though they've had them for years....

Luna said...

Your cats are always so cute and so funny. The cat in the flower bag is the best.
Great comparison with little and big Rosie on the laptop.
Toll, dass dir das gelungen ist, das gleiche Foto mit Rosie.
Bei deinem Einblick in deine große Katzenfamilie kann man sich richtig vorstellen, dass es sicher nie langweilig bei euch ist.
Ich wünsch dir einen schönen Tag !
Ps: Ich hab Mr. Linky nicht vergessen, war heute morgen schon früh unterwegs und hab alles abends vorher fertig gemacht.

Kuanyin said...

What a festive Halloween blog you have now...your cats and you really have the Halloween spirit!

Luna Spain said...

OMG Gattina you really have the Halloween spirit!Is so cute her blog!
Pookie is so cute to drink water ...Amo todas sus fotos Gattina.
See you on Hallowen!!


catsynth said...

Looks like a lot of fun, getting ready for Hallowe'en. We're a little behind on that, with everything else going on here (but we are hosting WCB Hallowe'en edition :)

TorAa said...

Miehaha - they are all so cute. And the menagerie is filled up with very different personalities.
And the hedge cutter - hahaha - let him hang there until halloween is over.

Thank you for the HALLOWEEN HEADERS. They are all beautifully designed. I've made links from all my posts (since yesterday ---).

btw. We went to the recycle-deposit with lot's of old stuff from the veranda to day - which had filled our livingroom for so long.(have some pictures - that for be a Friday Funny post - some time) Hope to clean up the rest tomorrow (Balcony at last - is in an estate to start removing things out again) Thus we can have it mory comfy when RennyBA arrives on Saturday afternoon. We are up to something. hmmm, what are the Vikings planning?

Anonymous said...

I love Rosie in the shopping bag!! Ohhh and her close look into the flowers HAHA

Great photos, and I hope you can get at least one looking scary at Halloween.:)


Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh, I would have loved to see the photo of the guy going through the roof. You'll have to teach one of your cat family to use the camera...lol!

Forty Paws said...

Great Halloween decorations!

Luf, Us

Dorothy said...

Rosie has grown so much. It's amazing how fast they do grow. Gretchen wasn't so interested in the same old Halloween decorations from last year.

I didn't participate in COT this week...too many life things going on and I got behind in everything. I'll catch up for next week.

vlado&toni said...

Oh Gattina, you should always have your camera with you. That must have been a very nice picture. Schade :( I could just imagine how hilarious that must have look like .. I can not blame Arthur for being amazed.

Anonymous said...
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