Since a few days the sun is shining and spring settled in. It's unusually warm for March, 16° (61F) ! Kim is happy and rolls herself in the grass.
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Kim is always outside, cold, grey or even rainy weather doesn't stop her from sleeping outside. Only when it's raining very heavily, then she would sleep inside. She could never be an indoor cat.

My son had realized that when he had to move from London to Amsterdam into an appartment and had taken Pookie and Kim with him. But Kim became so nervous and unhappy, that she stayed under his bed and didn't want to come out. She even refused to eat. He tried it for 2 weeks but then had to realize that she would be much happier here with us. And as you can see, that's the case !

Arthur too, when he saw the beautiful sunshine, put a paw in the garden and approached.

Then he settled down for a little wash

and finally they took their sunbath together ! Pookie too decided to go out and joined them.

This is not Arthur !

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TorAa said...

A paradise like sunday for the cats. The spring is here. The sun is here. What a beautiful day.

The one to the right: Is that you or your neighbur in disguise? hahaha

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Very nice! Who owns the other white cat?

Salix Tree said...

Is that other white a statue? Must be, it doesn't move!
Ahh lovely warm sun, I bet your kitties loved it!

Karen Jo said...

Nice warm sun and green grass. Perfect for kitties.