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Mr. Gattino had a strong cold, due to Arthur probably, who had him go out in the cold and rain to look for him while he (Mr. Arthur) was lying peacefully in my wardrobe and slept ! Neither of us had seen him disappearing.

The doctor whom we know since 32 years came as usual with his bag full of strange things and Pookie had to put her nose in it to sniffle if there were no hidden treats in there.
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As she found nothing special she stroked around the bag and ...
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when cats don't know what to do they scratch themselves behind an ear (just like humans) to think it over.

I nearly hadn't the time to shout "NO" and order her NOT to climb in, because that's what she intended to do.

She looked at me reproachfully and went away, very offended. I had spoiled her last investigations.
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As soon as Pookie had left the room, Lisa showed up. She of course had to look in their too. But she didn't like it and prefered to jump on our doctor's knees. There she settled down and listend full of attention to the diagnostic.

Nothing special, just a few pills, stay warm, and in a few days he would be fine. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The only one who didn't hear anything of these events, slept deep and peacefully besides my bed (and not on, why ?) which made our Doctor ask "Where is Arthur ?" because they are big friends and usually Arthur greats him like a long lost friend.

But Arthur is still in his hibernation.

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As so many people wonder why our doctor makes home visits, I will explain : He still is the Doctor of the "old school" although he is the same age as me (63) . He loves his patients and likes to come to their houses. He is not married and his job is his hobby. Usually a doctor only comes to your home when you are half dead with one leg in your coffin.

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Irish Church Lady :) said...

Wow! You're doctor's still make house calls?!!

Very lucky, my dear. Here people are having trouble even getting a family doctor. My sis and her family are in that position right now.

I hope Mr. Gattino feels better soon!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

SCORE! We did, Arthur. We don't know how to put the blog roll on but we posted something! Yeaaaa

BTW, Yoo are such grate investigaturs, Pookie and Lisa!

srp said...

Oh, yes, if there is a box or bag or anything that looks dark and mysterious, the cats will be sure to be there to check it out. Poor Pookie, I be she had hurt feelings for a while. And Arthur, so composed to have caused so much trouble!

Mine is up too.

Salix Tree said...

I'm surprised too to see a dactor making a house call, that's so nice!
Ah, the curious cats, always investigating new things.

meeyauw said...

Hi Gattina!
Well, like everybody else I am stunned you have doctors that will make housecalls! No wonder the cats are investigating! ;-)

Great photos!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Doctors making housecalls? I'm coming to live in Belgium!

Lisa and Pookie obviously are very experienced with diagnoses, they think Mr Gattino is going to be okay.

I don't like animal doctors. They do awful things to me...but they do make me better, so I guess that's something.

Dragonheart said...

Wow, my mom says you are lucky to have a doctor who makes house calls!

Wonderful photos as always. Pookie and Lisa are just being naturally curious, something we cats do very well. :)

Jodi said...

A doctor that still makes house calls, eh? I hope he feels better soon!

I love reading about your kitties!

I am finally back, last week was a bad week for me and blogger! Come on over!

Have a great Tuesday!

Debbie said...

Wow a doctor who makes house calls! I see the cats are very interested in all he does. Except Arthur who appears to need lots of sleep!

Hope your hubby gets better soon!

Oh and so you just know. I blog under two different blogs. My journal blog you visited today for Tackle It Tuesday. That is Fruit of The Spirit!

Then my photo blog is where I play Cats On Tuesday!

Angelo said...

Hehe cats are so curious, but Arthur reminds me of Nermal, he would rather sleep through all the excitment too :) That's great to have a doctor who still does house calls! Happy Tuesday Gattina :)

Deana said...

I think it is wonderful your doc still makes house calls. What a lost art that is....Sorry Mr. Gattino has a cold. Ours hide like that too, they are very good at it. I love your pictures today. Your furry babies are beautiful as always.

Elizabeth said...

My mom's doctor did make a house call to her once a few years ago. I know of two on call vets who will do house calls. I never think this is a good idea because cats know all the best hiding places on their home turf!

Kuanyin said...

What different worlds we live in! A doctor who still makes house calls--WOW!

My Cats On Tuesday is up showing Anela as a baby!

TorAa said...

Great post Gattina. This is typical Cat behaviour. The curious shecats and that lazy male. Arthur, you must sharpen. And do not, I repeat, do not, act in a way that can give humans a cold. LOL.